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MPW boss demands speedy handling of zooning cases

Public Works Minister Mabutu Nyenpan has mandated the Zoning Division at the Ministry to handle cases relating to zoning issues within 48 hours, in an effort to alleviate all forms of suspicions against the Ministry of Public Works (MPW).

“I would have told you to handle all complaints within 24 hours, but [it’s] too early for now. So all complaints coming in must be processed within 48 hours as of now,” a release issued Monday, 26 March says.

According to the release, Minister Nyenpan mandated staff at the Zoning Division to ensure that all complaints are handled in a timely manner that will alleviate all forms of suspicions against the Ministry.

He added that all [formal] complaints must be forwarded to his office for review and subsequent administrative and technical actions.

Minister Nyenpan gave the instruction when he met with staff at the Zoning Division to assess current constraints and challenges facing the unit.

Ministry says Minister Nyenpan’s latest visit at the Zoning Division is in continuation of his “management by walking style” of leadership aimed at ascertaining certain basic facts that will inform his judgment in his reform drive.

He warns that the Ministry will demolish structures that are deliberately built in alleys and waterways, contrary to zoning regulations and city planning.

He told staff at the Ministry that the issue of zoning is critical to his leadership, citing the safety of citizens as a top priority for the government.

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According to him, the work of zoning was an extension of the ministry’s mandate in the communities, noting that since he took over, he has been confronted with serious zoning matters through documentation of complaints addressed to his office.

Minister Nyenpan, a former Sinoe County Senator stresses that it is the ministry’s responsibility to expeditiously address those concerns so that community dwellers cannot lose confidence in the ministry.

He reminded them that the government is a pro – poor government that intends to foster the agenda of the ordinary people at all levels, making specific reference to individuals who are deliberately constructing on the alley ways against zoning standards and regulations.

Meanwhile, the Minister and his staff have agreed that the formulation of building code and updating of the National Zoning Law (drafted 1958) is more than necessary-stressing, that they must be able to respond to current realities, taking into account a broader Land Use Map that will capture the entire country.–Press release

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