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Mrs. Cummings: Women have enormous power

Wings International, a predominantly women organization, kicked off a three-day intensive awareness program to mark its first anniversary on Friday, April 14, with Mrs. Teresa Cummings urging women to remain steadfast and vigilant in the pursuit of their set goals and objectives.

The program, which was held at the Antoinette Tubman Stadium brought together hundreds of women from various professional backgrounds including business. Several inspirational speakers and traditional cultural dancers were featured, as well as talent exhibition, and singing by church choir groups.

Mrs. Cummings, wife of the Standard Bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), Mr. Alexander Cummings, urged women to be conscious of their powers and resourcefulness and not be deterred in pursuit of their set goals in life. “Don’t block yourself from your blessings,” Mrs. Cummings said, noting that women are resourceful, powerful and capable of achieving any set goals, once they desire and are determined to do it.”

Mrs. Cummings referred to women in Liberia as the main driving force behind the country’s economy, wielding enormous power than they realize, and urged them to muster the courage and not associate with negative thinking people.

“What you choose to do, is what you truly are. Assure yourself.  When you set what you want to do, believe in your heart and with consistency and persistency, you can achieve anything you are desirous of and determined to do,” Mrs. Cummings said.

She also urged women not to give up in the face of challenges. She admonished them not to put themselves under pressure by seeking perfection, but rather explore other options in pursuit of their set goals and objectives.

“Collectively, women can make things happen and create a system for success. Make a plan and assure yourself I can do it. And do it without procrastination,” Mrs. Cummings said.

She later made a contribution of U$1,000 on behalf of the Cummings Africa Foundation.

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Wings International, with theme, “speak out, step out,” established 2022, has a current membership of 6,000, with over 40 chapters in Montserrado and Margibi. Their mission is aimed at helping people, mainly women, in difficult circumstances and empowering women in their various areas of business to excel and become self-reliant, according to its Executive Director Val  Diggs.

Wings International has auxiliaries in several other countries including Malawi, Kenya, Brazil and Haiti, advocating the cause of women and helping them to be productive and excel in their various business ventures.

Several Liberian beneficiaries, including business women and victims of circumstances, attested to the support and assistance being rendered by Wings International at its three-day program marking the first anniversary in Liberia.

Friday, April 14, program, which marked the start of the three-day anniversary was followed by a special fundraising on Saturday, and climaxed on Sunday, April 16, with a special Thanksgiving service.

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