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Special Feature


In his recent outburst, the arrogant, tough-talking Mr. Mulba Morlu, as Chairman of the ruling CDC Coalition Political Party, decried and attacked Mr. Benoni Urey for what he described as Mr. Urey’s business relationship and political connections with the Lone Star Cell Telephone Company (Front Page Africa, May 1, 2019).

Mr. Urey, former Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Lone Star Company, is now Standard Bearer of the All Liberia (political) Party and Chairman of the Joint Membership of the major opposition political Parties, the leading organizers of planned national protest demonstration against the CDC Coalition Government scheduled for June 7, 2019.

There has been sustained controversy, with tough, antagonistic exchanges, about granting/denial permission for the planned protest demonstration between government authorities and the planers & supporters, inundated with several conspiracy theories by political Historians, Observers and Analysts about the possible, likely outcome of the protest, including overthrow or forced resignation of the CDC government. Thus, Chairman Morlu’s attack upon Mr. Urey is, apparently, in response to and recognition of a threat to the CDC Coalition-led Government and his job.

Mr. Morlu’s concerns and outburst of attack upon Mr. Urey and his (Mr. Urey’s) alleged activities drew my attention; in that, Mr. Morlu’s public ranting & raging is simply the belated barking of the-now toothless bull dog rendered powerless by its own acts of and cooperation with the Ureys, Taylors, Ellen Johnson-Sirleafs (former Presidents of Liberia) and, now, the current Government of which he, Mr. Morlu, is one of the most visible officials and sub-set.

The UN Report
Firstly, according to volumes of United Nation’s validated, civil war evidence, Mr. Benoni Urey, as Commissioner of Liberia’s Maritime Commission with LISCR, Liberia’s shipping Agent, purchased the arms/ammunitions with stolen Commission/Public funds, with which rebels/insurgents brought extreme human suffering and death of an estimated quarter of a million of Liberians; looted personal/public properties, including destruction of economic infrastructure; and sent another hundreds of millions into self-imposed exile in neighboring and distant lands.

Further, the UN Report showed that hundreds of millions of US dollars, also, stolen from the-then Maritime Commission under the administration of Mr. Urey as Commissioner, capitalized the Lone Star cell telephone Company with former President Taylor, Mr. Urey and others as major shareholders. It is important to note that, apparently, Mr. Taylor is being paid annual dividends by Lone Star while in prison for political crimes against humanity, including Liberian humanity.

Moreover, LISCR, Liberia’s shipping agent with close traditional ties extended to the-now Liberia Maritime Authority, is still in Liberia with offices on Tubman Boulevard with its sponsored Liberian Football Club and legal counsel of a well-known “politically-connected” lawyer, the Senator who represents a rural County but lives in a Mansion on Tubman Boulevard in Congo Town. By and through the celebrated politically-connected legal counsel, LISCR’s agency agreement with Liberia was renewed, lately, with reported bribes of imported bags of rice and thousands of US dollar payments.

Lone Star Company
Importantly, the Company has been, and is, in reported collusion with leading officials of government (the Mulba Morlus) with respect to scratch cards and questionable payments designed to maintain monopoly and prevent introduction of Land Line Telephone system in Liberia which will re-introduce the system with published telephone directory for easy access to government offices – the Police & security agencies, medical and social relief agencies – and socio-economic and business organizations such as lawyers, architects/engineers, hospitals, clinics & doctors, food, clothing, furniture and related household needs.

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Moreover, telephone and internet connectivity in Liberia is not only very poor, but also, without rational, public policy regulated approach. Examples are the corrupt telecommunication agencies – LTA, Ministry of Post & Telecommunications and related others. But modern communications are an asset in national economic and political development.

Efficient/effective communication drives the economy which, in turn, drives the nation. In fact, no prudent investment promoter will venture into a community or nation which is without capital-saving utilities – national transport/communication, electricity, telephone/internet, water & sewer, etc.

The critical question is that, in all of these questionable national economic and political wheeling/dealing predicaments, where was, has been and is, the arrogant, loud-mouth Mulba Morlu?

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