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Murder suspect charged over 9th Street killing

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Police have charged suspect Bill George, 19, with murder following the alleged gruesome killing of 20 year -old victim FickeeSuah, Jr. on 9th Street, Sinkor during a tussle that erupted over phone on the night of Christmas Eve, 24 December.

A police charged sheet says victim Fickee was stabbed on his left shoulder closed to his neck on a basketball court on 9th Street, Sinkor before he was shortly pronounced dead by a medical doctor upon arrival at the State – run John F. Kennedy referral hospital.

Police say preliminary investigation established that victim Fickee and his friend Calvin Langama had gone on 9th Street, Sinkor to witness a musical show hosted by a community group on Saturday, 24 December when some men snatched away Calvin’s phone.

While Calvin was fighting for his phone against those who had attacked him, police said victim Fickee got stabbed in the process when he joined the fight to help his friend Calvin.
Following the incident, police say they raided a group in Sinkor called “Crack City Crew” and arrested ten suspects in the process, though all of them were later released due to lack of evidence to link them.

But a further search lead to the arrest of four other suspects after few days, among whom was defendant Bill George who becomes the murder suspect. Police said the other three men denied involvement in the crime murder, but Bill “tacitly admitted to the crime”.

Defendant Bill allegedly told police that while he was on the basketball court watching the musical show, he heard light coming from around the light pole indicating that people were fighting.

Having gone to where the fighting noise came from, Bill said he saw his friends Daddy, Alpha, Zankalanka, Saye, Dominic and Ferrarie standing few feet from the group of people.
At that time, defendant Bill said the people were arguing, and his friend Alpha was telling Daddy “oh ba, you juke the man bad way oh.

Daddy, you killed the man oh”.  Defendant Bill further said he heard a woman shouting that the boy was dying before he (defendant Bill) and his boys ran from the crime scene at different directions.

Police say they are yet to see the instrument used to stab victim Fickee, and that all those whose names were mentioned by defendant Bill as those who allegedly carried on the act “are all at large and their whereabouts yet to be known”.

But defendant Bill told police that he was not involved in the crime, claiming that he attempted to escape to go to Nimba County because he was afraid after hearing that an alleged angry crowd in Sinkor caught some boys and beat them unmercifully.

In contrast, police said the late Fickee’s friend Calvin identified defendant Bill as one of those that attacked him (Calvin) and his deceased friend on 9th Street when police staged an “identification” parade of arrested suspects. Police charged Bill with murder and charged in absentia, his friends Daddy, Alpha, Zankalanka, Saye and Dominic Ferrarie and others yet to be identified. By Winston W. Parley

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