Murder suspect Pinky Abul wants new trial

Defendant Jonetta Pinky Abul, the woman accused of murdering her fiancé Mr. Morris Johnson in June 2018, is demanding new trial in challenge to a guilty verdict brought against her by vast majority of a jury panel at Criminal Court “A”.

Defendant Pinky was indicted for allegedly murdering her fiancé, the late Morris Johnson at her S.K.D. Sports Complex Community residence at night in June, but she pleads “not guilty” to the charge.

Following months of hearing, jurors found her guilty of the charge, but her lawyer Cllr. Arthur T. Johnson filed a motion for new trial ahead of her sentencing by the court.

He argues that the jury’s verdict is contrary to the weight of the evidence produced by the prosecution.Cllr. Johnson accuses prosecution of allegedly failing to prove its case beyond reasonable doubt.

Prosecutors are alleging that the defendant stabbed the deceased and caused his death during an altercation that erupted when the late Morris demanded to sleep at Pinky’s house and she refused that night in June.

The accused is alleged to have used a kitchen knife to kill Morris, but she has been contesting the claim.Pinky’s lawyer Cllr. Johnson contends in the motion for new trial that the alleged murder weapon (knife) is not the one described in the indictment.

According to him, a witness in the case, Allen, had said that the knife he took from the crime scene was a blue and very long knife.

By Winston W. Parley

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