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Muslim Council blasts Iman Krayee over threat

By Lewis S Teh

The National Muslim Council of Liberia has blasted one of its officials, Imam Council of Liberia Chief  Iman Ali Krayee, for his continuous use of threats in demand for the legislation of Islamic holidays in Liberia.

Addressing scores of reporters in a news conference in Monrovia recently, Muslims Council Chairman Sheikh Abdullah Massaray said Chief Iman Krayee’s threat does not represent the interest of the Muslim community in Liberia.

Sheikh Massaray said the National Muslim Council has followed the continuous threat coming from the head of the Imam Council of Liberia concerning the delay of the government to grant the Muslim community full holidays in observance of Ramadan and Abraham day celebration.

“We Muslims consider this as a genuine call, but we however hold the belief that the approach by Chief Iman has the propensity to create agrimony in the society, and therefore this doesn’t represent the view and position of the Muslim Council of Liberia,” Sheikh Massaray said.

“We want to applaud the efforts by all those who are engaged with relevant authorities void of agitation and to ensure that their quest for Islamic holidays is channeled through the rightful law of Liberia,” he added.

Massaray indicated that the council wanted to distance itself from the recent outburst of the Iman, using words [against] other faiths, noting that this is an act of provocation and it must be condemned and not tolerated in the society.

“His continued threat has the inclination spirit to characterize what is now referred to as the Inter-Religious Council of Liberia,” Sheikh Massaray warned.

He stated that such gruesome attacks on the Christian community in the name of advocating for the Muslim community are a complete contradiction to the Inter-Religious Council of Liberia.

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Meanwhile, the council called on Chief Iman Krayee to refrain from making utterances that have the propensity to undermine the peace, and threaten the security of the state, and must adopt a single approach to addressing issues of national concern.

“We Muslims are people of peace, we serve as ambassadors in the attainment, promotion, and maintenance of peace, stability and to promote religious tolerance and harmony,” Sheikh Massaray explained.

In  his demand for Muslims’ quest for Islamic holidays to be resolved by next year, Imam Council Chief Krayee said people are provoking revolution in Liberia, and that “even among the common people, when Muslims talk about their holiday, they make fun of us.”

Delivering the 2021 Abraham Day message to the Muslim Community in Liberia Tuesday, 20 July 2021 at the Benson Street Mosque in Monrovia, Imam Krayee said when Muslims talk about their holidays, it is like they are foreigners asking for too much in the country.

“People are provoking revolution in this country,” he said, adding “and when you start the work we do, sometimes … they want to understand what we mean as if they want to see some kind of action,” he said.https://thenewdawnliberia.com/imam-krayee-makes-threats-people-are-provoking-revolution/

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