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Muslim Council writes GOL, UNMIL

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The New Dawn Liberia The New Dawn LiberiaThe Muslim Reformation Council of Liberia has written series of letters to the Government of Liberia and the United Nations Mission in Liberia or UNMIL, outlining series of grievances and demanding immediate action.

Among others, the Council calls for the enactment of a Muslim Civil Defenses Bill by the 53rd  Liberian Legislature, halting the ongoing draw down of UNMIL until the root cause of the civil conflict in Liberia is established; the allocation of a free air time at the Liberia Broadcasting System or LBS every Friday for Muslims in the country, and that the Ministry Education should reform allegedly all misleading information published in the national curriculum and at the world encyclopedia, referring to Muslim population in Liberia as Mandingo tribe and aliens.

The Muslim Reformation Council of Liberia was established in 2012, according to National Chairman, Ayouba Dorley, who also affixed his signature to the letters.

In the letter written to the 53rd Legislature, the Council wants a civil defense bill to be passed into law. Issues outlined in their proposition include recognition and inclusion of Muslims in the Republic and the government officially and legally.

The Council is also advocating that the Muslim religion and population should have equal opportunities like Christianity and paganism regardless of their daily culture.

It further explained that in the proposed civil defense bill, the alleged dominance of Christian culture over the Muslim population should cease to exist in Liberia.

The bill also seeks that Islamic schools in Liberia shall no longer observe Christian holidays, vacations and seasonal breaks, but rather shall observe and advertise Islamic Calendar of events.

Paramount among issues raised in the letter to UNMIL, the Muslim Reformation Council of Liberia wants the UNMIL’s drawdown halted until the root cause of the civil conflict in Liberia is found, and the alleged killing of mass population of Muslims in squares, at their homes and various rebel checkpoints during the civil conflict be considered a genocide and that alleged perpetrators be convicted of genocide and sent to the International Criminal Court by UNMIL before leaving the country.

Speaking in an interview with reporters in the county recently, Chairman Dorley said, the Liberia Broadcasting System has denied Muslims opportunity to air their views on issues in the country simply because those views are against the Government.

He added that for too long Muslims in Liberia have been allegedly marginalized by the Government simply because of illegal Christian policies.

Chairman Dorley maintained that they will continue to advocate until their demands are met.

It is not known whether the Muslim Reformation Council of Liberia is part of the National Muslim Council in the country, but Muslims across the country are unanimously opposed to call by a group of Christians to legislate Liberia as a “Christian State” as was validated among other propositions during a national review conference by the Constitution Review Committee last month in Gbarnga, Bong County.

The proposition for a Christian State has sparked debate both in Liberia and among Liberians in the Diasporas with mixed reactions.   

By Ramsey N. Singbeh, Jr. in Margibi 

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