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Muslim women rally for Brumskine

The National Chairlady of Muslims in Liberia Madam Aicha Koroma has called on women of her faith to do justice to their conscience in voting for opposition Liberty Party (LP) in the October presidential and representatives’ elections.

Madam Koroma was responding to a special statement from the wife of LP presidential candidate Cllr. Charles Brumskine on Friday, 4 August at the Marvii Sonii school auditorium [in Clara Town].Madam Aicha Koroma claims to have sensed sincerity in the delivery of Madam Estella Brumskine and feels morally obligated to appeal to all women of Liberia regardless of religious and tribal affinity to join a winning team with proven commitment to liberate the impoverished masses.

She reminds women about their pitiable circumstance and must not be fooled this time around by those who had been entrusted with power but could not deliver.Earlier, Madam Estella Brumskine was introduced by the Chief of Protocol Daniel Sando as a model of housewife that has sustained a wedlock for forty one years, raising three children all of whom are lawyers.

Madam Brumskine to whom the audience ascribed the status of incoming First Lady, says she knows her husband as a man that must be trusted with power.“I assure you, you will not be disappointed,” she says to an animated audience that constitute all voting ages, men and women.

The audience bursts out in between with chants of: “Our ma speak, our ma speak…”, while Mrs. Brumskine assures women and men of opposition LP’s package in revamping of small businesses with an institutionalized loan giving scheme.

Mrs. Brumskine believes that this will rescue small and medium enterprises from the shackles of onerous and high interest loan given by commercial banks. She says the LP will not only give out loans, “but there will be people to provide technical guidance and supportive follow-ups to those who receive what would be seen as a state sponsored stimulus package.

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