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Muslims honor Rep. Vicent of Grand Bassa

The Muslim community in Grand Bassa County under the banner “District Number Four Muslims Association” for the first time has organized special prayers for Representative Vicent Willie of the districton the celebration of Eid al-Fit held on Sunday May 24, 2020 on the civil compound #3 in Grand Bassa.The Muslims praised Rep. Willie for his exemplary leadership and embracing the Islamic faith with certainty.

“Thanks you for the help you have been giving us, we are very much happy for the level of cooperation so far received from you since you were elected to represent us in government”, said Chief Imam, Mohammed Bahof.

“We ask God to protect you, promote you. We ask the AlmightyAllah make you a good leader, to make you live well in long life and more opportunity”, ImanBahof continued.
He narrated how Representative Willie intervened with a special appeal to the joint security forces in the district to permit Muslims carry out the daily Ramadan prayer, adding, “We are so grateful to you.”

He also emphasized religious onenessand bestowed a special recognition on Rep. Willie – naming him “MUSTAPHA” which in Islam,means “The God Chosen One”.In response, Representative Willie praised the Chief Imam and his clergy for using the Ramadan month to offer prayer for the country and its people despite the fear and economic burden associated with Coronavirus.

“I have come to say thank you from my family and on behalf of the entire government say thank you for the prayer”, he noted.Vicent: “Today you have placed us under a clear thinking that we must observe religious tolerance and no matter who you are, if you are a Muslim or a Christian, you will be protected in worshiping the God that you serve”.

He emphasized the significance of the month of Ramadan and noted that every member of the Islamic faith who took up time to fast and pray for one month means well for the country and its future and current leadership and development.
–Editing by Jonathan Browne

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