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Muslims must pray for Liberia

Muslims must-Chief Imam

As Muslims in Liberia join fellow Muslims around the world to observe the Holy Ramadan – a period dedicated to praying and fasting, the Chief Imam of the National Imam Council of Liberia, Sheikh Ali Krayee has called on Muslims to pray for peace here.

Sheikh Krayee says Muslims should pray for peace and unity in the country, saying they are not prepared for Liberia to revert to hostility like the 14years of civil war. The Chief Imam stressed that Liberians should always live in unity despite their religious diversity. He also says Liberians should avoid discriminating against one another and unite to fight for peace, which he describes as the one common goal everyone needs to fight for.

The Muslim cleric promised to reach out to fellow Muslims across the country to remind them that prayer for peace should be a key as they observe the Holy Ramadan. He also called on Muslims to be respectful and conduct themselves orderly while fasting.

He urged Muslims to dress orderly and their prayer times serious as praying for peace in Liberia is very important. Meanwhile, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has extended best wishes to Muslims in Liberia as they begin the fast month. She said Ramadan is a period of intense spiritual renewal and a time when Muslims everywhere reflect upon the good judgment and guidance that comes with faith, upon the responsibility that all human beings have to one another and to God, Almighty.

By Ethel A. Tweh-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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