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My Birthday

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It’s the season of my birth date  Someone asked me to restate

My thoughts on my birth date  I leisurely closed my eyes
Then took a deep breathe
Quietly sat in the moonlight
But didn’t say goodnight
Mused things the years brought
Even the things unsought
And responded with a thought
My birthday, a special day
Comes just once a year
But this year, a special year
Echoes beauties of past years
Reflects scores of tears
Then, all unutterable fears
Sounding victories over strife
Life’s lessons I was taught
Many joys it brought
Unwavering strength of hope
And the power of prayers
Brilliant thoughts to share

On this season of my birth
I know what I’ve been told

My mom and my dad
Friends of my household
Speak fondly of the earth
Dotingly of my very birth
My birth day, a day of paradise
Smiles flowed charmingly
My cheeks shone rosily
Birds sung melodiously
The sweetest of rhythms
Universe’s sun wore a rainbow
Colors danced at the window
I rested lovingly, soundless
Like a sweet dazzling pearl
A princess of hearts
An inspiration from start
Brighten the hearts of parents
Pinch the heart of tyrants
Hence, this is a special day

The dawn of a new day

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