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Special Feature

My critical poem entitle “The Chameleon”

You the Chameleon or deceptive politician,
Is but no doubt one of Liberia’s worst foes.
From childhood to becoming an adult Liberian,
I’ve watched you add to my country’s woes.
All you ever did was loudly complain,
About others’ incompetence and misdeeds;
Though never once did you convincingly explain,
Concrete options to providing societal needs.

All you ever did was give no vital clue,
As per how the job could’ve been done;
Perhaps thinking that out of the blue,
Would’ve come progress with your opponents gone.

All you ever did was use others as tools,
In your strive for power, prestige and fame;
Though you would in the end brand same as fools,
When success would crown your subversive game.

Times have changed and all you do nowadays is talk,
About patience, expectant progress – a better life and much;
Though the hard road you’ve proven unable to walk,
That very path which certainly gives birth to such.

All you do nowadays is apparently shun greed,
Thus pretending to share in the masses grief;
Though in truth you’re of the same breed,
Perfectly disguised yet always a thief.

All you do nowadays is merrily dream,
Of progress flowing our way like a golden stream;
Not realizing that should you finally wake,
All may be lost for greed and negligence’s sake.

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