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“My life in danger”

--Alleged AFL Officer’s brutality victim seeks relocation

A resident of Bong County Mr. Darka Woods says his life is in danger as a result of the alleged attack that was carried out against him by an officer of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) a few days ago in the county following his arrest.

Speaking on a local radio program via mobile phone Monday, 2 March, victim Woods said he knew nothing about why he was arrested and disgraced by the soldier, pleading that there is a need for the government here to find a suitable place for him to stay since his life is no longer safe in the county.]

“As I’m speaking to you this morning my life is in danger, I can’t step out of my house over fear that I might be arrested and beaten the same way,” the victim complains during a conversation via mobile phone.

He furthers that even though the AFL has taken siege of the case, he still has a fear that there is a possibility that the AFL officer concerned could still trace him to do whatever he wants.Woods says he was arrested by an AFL soldier in the county, stripped naked, beaten and paraded in the principal streets of Gbarnga, Bong County.

According to him, the officer began disgracing him from the County Administration’s building in Gbarnga and taken down toward the Ganta Parking where thousands of citizens were witnessing him being paraded naked.

The victim explains that the disgrace brought upon him by the AFL soldier has torn his family apart, saying since the incident occured, his wife has left him because of the way he was manhandled by this soldier.

Victim Woods claims that this is not the first time for such an incident to occur, alleging that peaceful citizens are always being victimized by state securities either from the Liberia National Police (LNP) or the AFL.

He cites several instances where peaceful citizens have been victimized by state securities, but claims that nothing has been done to resolve these situations.

“But I want to call on the government to take serious exception to state security harassing peaceful citizens,” he pleads with the government, saying it has the propensity to undermine the hard – earned peace that Liberia is enjoying.

Many callers who participated on the radio program also called on authorities at the AFL to speedily investigate and punish the soldier for his action in line with the AFL’s Statue.
Some callers have recommended that punishing the officer for his action will serve as a deterrence to others who might find pleasure in beating or carrying on any form of violence against peaceful citizens.By Lewis S. Teh–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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