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MYS Official On Ministerial League

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The Assistant Minister for Sports at the Ministry of Youth and Sports Murvee Gray emphasized the need to keep the national Inter-Ministerial, Public cooperation and Agencies Sports League on course. Though Gray did not state the main date for the kickoff of this year’s edition of the tournament, he noted that the tournament is expected to run from the last week of March through the beginning of April.


According to him, the Ministerial, agencies and public cooperation league is an annual tournament hosted by the Ministry of youth and Sports in collaboration with basic operating federations in the country, saying representatives of these federations are working with the Youth and Sport for the enhancement of the tournament.

He said the festival is organized every year for working-class, so as to relief them of stress and bring them face to face with their colleagues. The Assistant Minister expressed the need for civil servants to be healthy with sound minds despite their official activities, emphasizing that the games played by them during the festival would serve as a kind of exercise to loosen their muscles.

He further said that the major objectives of hosting festival are to ensure peace, reconciliation and unity among employees of various government institutions, expressing the need for the continuation of the tournament as it has proven to be one of the best.

He said, his ministry has taxed each institution to a registration of US$200.00 to cover pre and post match activities, including publicity and other expenses, giving the fact that the government’s allotment was not enough.

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