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NAEAL launches mobile cinema in Liberia

The National Adult Education Association of Liberia or NAEL under the banner “Mobile Cinema” embarks on a media project, targeting marginalized population of the country thru mobile cinema tour.

NAEAL is doing free screening and distributing free copies of the DVDS to community members aimed at providing residents access to watch the video and live the examples of the true lives stories of people acted in the film.

Project Officer Luther N. Mafallah says the institution and its partners are prepared to help improve lives of marginalized population of the country.

The organization is currently touring various counties, bringing people together under one roof to film the movies, while encouraging viewers to emulate examples of characters in the screen.

The tour has already covered Grand Bassa, Nimba and Lofa counties respectively, highlighting plights of marginalized people. After training in Ghana, six short films were produced.

Mr. Mafallah explains that the project started March 2018 in Accra, Ghana. It brought together filmmakers, trainers and aspiring filmmakers from Ghana, Sierra Leone and Liberia to develop and produce short films on crucial social issues from the respective countries.

He says the project is intended mainly to educate young people who NAEAL believes make up the majority of the population in West Africa, but lot of them struggle to get education, training or employment.He says similar exercise is being carried out in Sierra Leone and Ghana.

He urges the young people of Liberia to develop encourage in whatever they do for living, noting that young people need to be proud and encouraged about what they do in their communities no matter what.If you’re selling cold water, be proud to sell, because it generates money that will be a help to you in the future.”

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Mafallah emphasizes that young people in Liberia need something to motivate them about their lives, and believes by filming works done by professional people from the three countries, it would help to educate the youth about positive behavior.

NAEAL is an accredited local non-governmental organization actively involved in adult literacy, peace education, advocacy, community empowerment, geared at minimizing if not totally eradicating, poverty in the Liberian society and humanity generally.The organization was established in 1977 by a group of young Liberian educators with interest in promoting literacy across the country.

By Ethel A. Tweh–Editing by Jonathan Browne

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