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NAEAL launches project to educate young people

The National Adult Education Association of Liberia (NAEAL) has embarked on a project to educate young people of Liberia to utilize their God’s given talents. The Project which is titled: ‘On the Move,’ is a mobile filming program that films true life motivational stories of individuals making use of their talents for a living despite the obstacles in their way that often hinder them from using their talents.

The project was designed purposely to tell the stories of young people. It brought together 32 aspiring filmmakers from Sierra Leone, Ghana and Liberia and gave them in-depth skills in filmmaking and understanding of the media’s role in society. The participants produced two fictional and two documentary films on the challenges young people face as they strive to eke out a living or realize their dreams against all the odds.

The films were shown in Kakata, Margibi County recently by the NAEAL. NAEAL is the implementer of the project in Liberia. Young people of the county trooped in their numbers to the Kakata Administrative Building to watch the movies. The first movie shown from Sierra Leone, is about a young Sierra Leonean boy identified as Morris, who loves to dance and tries to prove to his father that he can make a living using his talent.

After a series of setbacks that nearly shattered Morris’ resolve, there’s light at the end of the tunnel. The NAEAL says it is pleased to use the movies and documentaries to educate the young people and parents on how to balance their livelihoods and their talents.

The team leader of NAEAL on the move project, Luther N. Mafalleh said the same project is being carried out in Sierra Leone and Ghana. He said his team intends to take and film the movies around the counties in Liberia to educate the young people. “We are young people and we need to be encouraged about what we do for a living, we need something to motivate us about our lives,” he says.

By Ethel A. Tweh–Edited by Winston W. Parley

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