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National Archive appeals for more support

By Lewis S. Teh

The Director General of the Center for National Documentation, Records and Archives (CNDRA) Mr. Emmanuel Lomax has appealed to government and development partners to lend more support to the Center to help address some challenges there.

“The cultural heritage sector of Liberia needs a complete overhaul to meet up with demands of the 21st century”, he said.

Mr. Lomax spoke recently at program marking the celebration of International Archive Day organized under the auspices of the CNDRA in Monrovia.

He said rectifying international protocols and treaties isn’t enough, stressing a need for government to take practical steps to make the National Archives what it’s meant to be and to promote the image of Liberia while preserving the country’s rich heritage.

Mr. Lomax added that doing so would require government through the National Legislature to increase budgetary allocation for the CNDRA, as a way of motivating international partners to lend more support to the Center.

“We can’t begin to ask our partners for assistance when national government isn’t demonstrating interest; our government has to take bold steps to encourage our partners”, he stressed.

He called on international partners, including the U.S. government, ECOWAS, AU, United Nations through UNESCO to join the Government of Liberia in lending support to CNDRA for the improvement of the institution.

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The Director General explained that the Archive is faced with multi-dimensional challenges and is in dire need of support, ranging from renovation to equipping to undertake its function and mandate.

“As you may be aware, our mandate here at the Archive covers the entire cultural heritage landscape of Liberia, including materials and performing arts such as the Zeon arts, library, cultural troops, the musical and movie industry and historical sites”, Mr. Lomax outlined.

The Center for National Documents, Records and Archive (CNDRA) was created in 1977. The Agency oversees the acquisition, maintenance, and dissemination of documents and records that are related to the functions of the Government of Liberia.

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