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National thanksgiving service dedicated to Ebola

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The National Thanksgiving Day which is celebrated every first Thursday in November will this year be observe in remembrance of all those who felt victims of the deadly Ebola virus here. A special thanksgiving service will be held at the Centennial Pavilion on Bradstreet on the day, Thursday, November 5..

Reverend Alphonso Dean of the Christian Mission Assembly said this year’s Thanksgiving service will be dedicated to those who lost their lives during the Ebola crisis, as well as thanking God for sparing the lives of

Liberians in general from Ebola.

Speaking at the Information Ministry Tuesday, Rev Dean said Liberians need to look from where God took us and give him praises because he has been good to us all the time. He said at the Thanksgiving service, Liberians will remember Guinea and Sierra Leone in their prayers for God’s speedy intervention in their Ebola crises like he did for Liberia, adding that God’s intervention safe Liberia from the Deadly Ebola virus

He noted that because of the intervention of God, the International partners were attracted to the call of Liberia during the heat of the deadly Ebola virus. He said that during the certification of Liberia as an Ebola free country, the Liberian Government did not mention the name of “God” who saved the country.

Rev Dean urged Liberians to be part of the service on Thursday November 5, 2015 10:0clock at the centennial Pavilion to what he says pray for Mama Liberia and thank God for saving lives. The national Thanksgiving Day was pronounced in 1941; after Liberia expelled Germany from their country and Germany threaten to bomb Liberia. At that time, Liberia had no standing army to fight against Germany.

This prompted Liberians to gathered from all parts of the country to pray against the planned German invasion. The planned invasion was aborted after a ship sailing to America miraculously received a letter that Liberia was in danger, and the ship turned around to come back to Liberia.

When the German army saw the ship facing Liberia, they were afraid that Liberia had call for a troop so they left. God intervened in Liberia’s situation and safe the state from the German invasion.

From that day Liberians gathered at the Providence Baptist Church, it began a day set aside for national thanksgiving.

By Ethel A. Tweh– Othello B. Garblah

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