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NDC expels Mitchell

The National Democratic Coalition (NDC) has expelled its former Secretary General Mr. Abraham Mitchell from the party.

The coalition comprises the NDC, the New Democratic Alternative for Liberia Movement (The New DEAL Movement) and the Free Democratic Party (FDP) announced the expulsion of Mr. Mitchell with immediate effect on Wednesday following a resolution endorsed by the leaders of the constituent parties.

The NDC said the move was necessitated by the repeated and unsolicited acts of betrayal, deception, dishonesty, opportunism, ineffectiveness, worthlessness, and gross indiscipline that are incompatible with the Protocol and principles of the NDC and harmful to the promotion of institutional harmony, solidarity, growth, and development.

“For these acts of misbehavior, uselessness, and many more misconduct unstated here, wrongs which constitute pro-regime and anti-people activities that deliberately aim at supporting the establishment of a one-party dominant state in the Republic of Liberia, Mr. Abraham B. Mitchell is hereby discarded as a dangerous, harmful, and poisonous political animal, dismissed from the position of Secretary General of the National Democratic Coalition, and unconditionally expelled from the NDC,” the party said in their statement.

“Against a mortal man in this free land of liberty is such an action not been unjustly considered; for that this wrath of Party should descend on a man who once walked amongst us is for generations unborn to know that service for the purpose of people and country is more noble and higher a cause than reckless drive for self-enrichment and fame. So, this we do standing by the graveside of the martyrs with contorted faces but with our heads unbowed,” the party noted in its resolution.

The party said henceforth any individual(s), institution(s), or organization(s) doing business with Mr. Abraham B. Mitchell in the name of the NDC shall be doing so at his, her, it’s, or their own risk. “May all concerned, therefore, take note and cooperate accordingly,” it added.


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