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NEC begins controversial bid reevaluation

The National Elections Commission (NEC) is expected to begin re-evaluation of bids for the awarding of contracts to conduct the biometric voters’ registration ahead of the 2023 elections today following controversies over the process leading to the first winner.

The joint venture of Ekemp International Limited, INITS Limited, and Palm Insurance Inc., was the prospective winner of an earlier bidding process in August, but the Public Procurement Concession Commission (PPCC) rejected NEC’s request to award Ekemp and co the contract.

In rejecting the electoral body’s request, PPCC demanded that a re-demonstration of the biometric enrolment and deduplication process be done by the bidders and must be video recorded to serve as constant reference.

Although NEC raised concerns demanding clarity over PPCC’s rejection of its request, the latter declined further comment rather insisting that NEC follow its procurement process.

As per the PPCC instruction, NEC on September 26, wrote the five finalists to present themselves for reevaluation on Thursday, October 6, and Friday, October 7, 2022.

The joint venture of Professional Service /HID, Electoral Service International (ESI) and Laxton Group are expected to redemonstrate their biometric enrolment deduplication process today, while the joint venture of Ekemp International Limited, INITS Limited, and Palm Insurance Inc., Waymark Infotech and Mwenata will be expected to follow suit on Friday, October 7, 2022.

In its letter to the prospective bidders, NEC noted that PPCC had requested that bidders be reinvited to appear before the Bid Evaluation Panel of NEC for a video recorded re-demonstration of the physical presentations regarding bid IFB No. NEC/VRPLE/ICB/001/2022.

The letter further requested each bidder to start with a PowerPoint presentation regarding the equipment and software to be used followed by an actual demonstration of its data entry, printing and deduplication process using a person or person designated by the panel.

NEC also requested that bidders have their PowerPoint presentations on a flash drive to submit to the panel on the day of the presentation.

The election house has invited stakeholders and others to observe the presentation.

The re-demonstration of bidders has come amidst spotlight on the companies vying to provide the crucial biometric service to NEC ahead of an anticipated highly contested election in 2023.

Already, there are red flags hanging over some of the companies participating in the reevaluation process based on their past performances in other countries. For example, ESI’s performance in The Gambia’s most recent election speaks volumes, while Waymark Infotech’s performance in South Africa has been questioned.


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