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NEC Did Not Rig the Election

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If the recent position of CDC executives and lawmakers-elect to accept those seats that they claimed were fraudulently acquired , then one must conclude that the CDC has realized her mistake and has now agreed that the election was free and fair or the allegation of electoral fraud was a mere political joke. I am not sure if any party or person will be proud to announce to the world that you won your election fraudulently.

This is what the CDC is doing. So for this, I consider it to be a mere joke or admittance to the fact that the election was free and fair.

This is the argument and it is not for those who see things up-side-down. This argument is for those who have the third eye to understand critical issues through logical reasoning. There are others who want to take our position and argument out of context but we are not going to be perturbed by the little distraction from the side-walk. Our mission is clear. We are here for those who are logically lunatic. We are here to serve as the mirror to reflect the realities on their minds since they don’t have the third eye to see.

From the CDC perspective, a free and fair election is one that will produce a CDC candidate as a winner. In 2005, when we had an Interim administration in place, there were 22 presidential candidates and non of them could actually boast of having any influence over the electoral process. Though the perception in many areas was that the Interim government would have cheated for Cllr. Varney Sherman since he (Cllr.Sherman),was in the Chairman of the National Transitional Government of Liberia Chairman Charles Gyude Bryant and NEC Chairperson at the time Cllr. Francis Johnson Morris were from the same party, the Liberian Action Party ( LAP).

This view was strengthened by the fact that Cllr. Sherman had the most flamboyant campaign all of the candidates. But as the results started pouring in, it became clear that NEC had conducted a free and fair election as Cllr. Sherman was far away occupying the 5th position with nationwide total vote less than the vote of Senator Prince Johnson just from Nimba County. The first round was free and fair because CDC won.

There came the run-off and CDC was chasing the Unity Party as our people say “like hell”. There started emerging the allegations of frauds that the CDC abandoned to pursue simply because they couldn’t prove any as both local and international observers had praised NEC and Liberians for the good conduct of the election. If the Interim government wanted to cheat through NEC, don’t you think that it would have been Cllr. Sherman who would have emerged victorious because of his connections to NEC and the NTGL? Under this same NEC, the CDC and other parties have shared by-elections victories with the UP, then where is the argument of impartiality? Why UP didn’t win all of the elections?

Before the October 2011 election, George Weah had gone on record announcing that the CDC would accept no result other than a victory. Is that a patriotic and democratic statement? The mindset is already deeply rooted in the desperateness of this brother and his minions that a football crowd is the same as a political crowd. History has taught them the contrary but they have refused to accept because of their desire to make Liberia ungovernable as was said by their SG Acarous Gray.

My message to them is to accept the result as they did later in 2005 and wait for God’s time. One cannot force presidency if the people do not want you with indefensible contradiction. There is no way the CDC can defend the legislative elections as free from fraud and indict the presidential election with fraud. They were all held under the same atmosphere. If you do not eat dog meat, don’t drink any pepper soup containing dog meat.

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