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NEC, UNDP train 18,000 poll workers

The National Elections Commission in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme began training for 18,000 poll workers in advance of the 10 October 2017 general elections.

Poll workers will receive crucial training before they are deployed to polling places to ensure smooth management of voting. Training includes learning about voting procedures and polling station standards. On Election Day these workers will be responsible for supervising parts of the voting process at polling places in 2,080 electoral precincts and 5,390 polling places.

Training will be conducted over a three day period and is scheduled to end on 6 October 2017. It is expected international and national election observers from Liberia, the African Union, ECOWAS, European Union and United States of America will attend the sessions to observe the training that will feed into their own assessments of these elections.

This training of poll workers is part of a USD 16 million project supported by the United Nations Development Programme, European Union, Ireland, Sweden and Canada to work in partnership with the National Elections Commission to strengthen the electoral system.


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