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New EPA boss wants Prof. Tarpeh audited

By Lincoln G. Peters 

The new acting Executive Director of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Dr. Emmanuel Urey-Yarkpawolo has vowed to audit his predecessor Prof. Wilson Tarpeh and his administration. 

While taking office on Monday, 19 February 2024, Dr. Urey-Yarkpawolo said the audit is in keeping with the recommendation from Mr. James Flomoyan and his team’s assessment from the past administration of Prof. Tarpeh. 

“I want to thank Mr. James Flomoyan and his team, under the supervision of Hon. Dr. Louise Kpoto who led the transition here at the EPA,” said Dr. Urey-Yarkpawolo. 

“I have read their report and recommendations. Part of their recommendations calls for an audit to be conducted,” he said. 

He indicated that regular auditing is a good organizational practice, and his administration will ensure that this is done.

The EPA Boss assured national and international partners that a new day has dawned on the EPA.

“We promise you that a year from now, the EPA will be a force for good not only for Liberia but for the global community,” said Dr. Urey-Yarkpawolo. 

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“All we ask is that you be transparent with us as well. we do not want to bore you down with many words. As the saying goes, actions speak louder than words,” he noted.

He told partners to watch and see the transformation that will occur at the EPA, assuring that they all will form part of it and together they will be proud of his administration’s achievements.

Meanwhile, Dr. Urey-Yarkpawolo pointed out that over the next few days, they will conduct a thorough review of the plan to see what has been implemented, the ongoing projects, and the parts of the plan that need urgent attention. 

Dr. Urey-Yarkpawolo said he is grateful that they are not starting from zero, saying that there have been several good things done at the EPA and they are here not to undo what has been accomplished. However, he stated that his administration will build upon what has been achieved.

He noted that he had seen the Strategic Plan of the EPA from 2022 to 2026. 

Dr. Urey-Yarkpawolo narrated that he has also read the employee handbook, adding that apart from innovation that will make the EPA second to none among other autonomous agencies of government in Liberia, they will not do anything new but enforce existing policies, laws, and regulations.

“For us employees’ welfare is key to success at the EPA. Part of this is to ensure that people are properly placed based on qualifications,” he noted.

“To end, we will conduct a rigorous employee appraisals to identify key strengths and weaknesses. Findings from this exercise will enable us to reshuffle the staff ensuring proper placement,” Dr. Urey-Yarkpawolo said.

According to him, all employees will have their just and rightful benefits (including salaries that are commensurate with qualifications and nature of work) as mandated by the labor law of Liberia and other statutory laws.

“Think Liberia, Love Liberia, Build Liberia because a Better Liberia is Possible if and only if [the] Government becomes a place to serve and NOT a place to steal. Thank you,” he concluded. 

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