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New future of hope promised

-Cummings pledges, as he planned to name running mate on May 27

Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), Standard Bearer Mr. Alexander Cummings continues to make big promises ahead of the October 10 polls saying, he would create a new future of hope for Liberians when elected president.

The former Coca-Cola Executive who planned to announce his running mate on May 27, promised to provide citizens access to modern medical facilities, better educational system, and thriving economy that will create massive jobs to alleviate extreme suffering.

Speaking following his retention as Standard Bearer of the CPP at its just ended convention in Ganta City, Nimba County, Cummings further promised to fix what he said the ruling CDC has destroyed, noting that Liberia is too rich for so many to be jobless, beggars and hopeless, and for too many families to go to bed hungry.


The CPP Standard Bearer said children who could run for president, or become doctors, engineers, teachers, or lawyers are dying of preventable diseases because their parents can not afford the cost of hospital registration to treat them.

He said while hospitals and schools lacked adequate funding, President Weah and his Vice President, President Pro-Temp, Speaker, and Deputy Speaker are giving themselves huge budgetary allocations.

Cummings said this is not just wrong, but sheer wickedness, which he will change upon his ascendancy as President come October 10.

Cummings stated that the CPP’s mission will be to right the wrong and fix the broken and corrupt system that continues to cause the death of too many children and loved ones, without fulfilling their dreams and potential. He said Liberians are suffering and unable to feed themselves not because the country is poor, but because the leaders are corrupt, wicked, selfish, and lack vision.

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According to him, the presidency is not just powerful, but has a humble responsibility to set
good examples, demand higher standards for stewardship and deliver on promises
to the people. He said, “The presidency is responsible to fix the broken, corrupt and discredited system that continues to keep Liberians poor.”

He explained that the presidency also has a responsibility to unite and lead the people to a better,
secure, peaceful, and more prosperous future, as well as restore the country’s
lost respect and dignity amongst the comity of nations.

The former Coca-Cola Executive turned politician said the play-play presidency of Mr. Weah
has to stop if the lives of Liberians will improve. He emphasized that while “it’s ok to have a President that sings and dances when you spend too much time singing and dancing, then we need to move you from the mansion to a studio where you actually belong.”

Cummings said the presidency is not an office for retirement, warning that to elect a president who will not work amounts to putting Liberia on pause, which will deny the already suffering masses the needed help to improve their living conditions. “Putting the country on pause will stop serious investors from coming to create high-paying jobs for Liberians and If we re-elect a play-play president or we choose to pause Liberia’s future, it will surely worsen the hardship,” Cummings warned.

He expressed optimism that upon his election in October, starting next January, he will work assiduously to institute real change through hard work, honesty, integrity and principled leadership.

“We will change store boys into store owners, raise waiter markets to shops, transform shops into stores, graduate yana boys and yana girls to business leaders, and will give Liberian businesses, especially women’s businesses, the chance and resources needed to succeed,” Cummings said.

He also promised to change the hopelessness and lawlessness of today into hopefulness and
lawfulness, and significantly reduce the unprecedentedly high unemployment rate in Liberia.
Cummings wonders why the CDC government will cut and reduce civil servants’ salaries in the face of the worsening economic conditions and rising cost of living.

The CPP Standard Bearer promised to lead Liberia differently, accountably and honestly to a new future of equality and prosperity for all.

He said grieving over the difficult economic challenges will not change the hopelessness of the suffering masses, but rather, the grief must move Liberians to not just change mindsets, or political parties, but to also change the country’s governing principles.

“Anyone culpable of stealing public resources, irrespective of status or position must face the full force of the law and consequences, without hesitation,” Cummings said.

He stated that unless there is robust enforcement of the law, corruption and stealing of public resources will deprive and prevent public institutions, including hospitals, from effectively performing their statutory functions to the detriment of ordinary families who can’t afford to travel abroad for treatment.

While thanking the CPP leadership and members for their confidence and trust reposed in him to lead the CPP, Cummings vowed not to disappoint Liberians or lower the standard and values of the CPP, assuring that together, “we will march to victory in October, and we will change Liberia for the better,” he said.

The weekend convention was the first of the CPP and was presided over by Liberty Party Chairman Musa Bility.

It brought together over 500 delegates from the 15 counties of Liberia, as well as from the United States of America, Canada and other parts of the world.

Several CPP stalwarts including Nimba County Representative Larry Yonquoi, and Grand Bassa County Representative Aspirant Charlene Brumskine made special remarks of affirmations of support for the objectives and goals including the Presidential bid of Mr. Alexander Cummings.

The convention was preceded by a street parade in Gompa City, Nimba County, by thousands of partisans, supporters and sympathizers of the Collaborating Political Parties compromising the Alternative National Congress, the Liberty Party and other political affiliates and interest groups.

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