New health center opens in Duala

A new health center intended to address the medical needs of over 25,000 inhabitants of the Borough of New Kru Town, a suburb of Monrovia has been formally opened to the public.

Dedicating the six-bedroom health center on Wednesday, 27 September its proprietor, Mr. James Vezzely says that he decided establishing the facility because of the manner in which his late brother died.

Although Mr. Vezzely did not reveal the name of his deceased brother, but he narrates that his brother was sick and taken to hospital in Monrovia where medical practitioners there informed him that they could not cater to the deceased because of lack of required medication.

He laments that while attempting to transfer his brother to another health facility, he reportedly died right in his hands thereby, leaving him to wonder what is happening to the country’s health system.
According to him, the health center was established to contribute meaningfully to the health recovery process of the country in the wake of the shortage of health facilities in some parts of Liberia.

He says the center, which has one medical doctor and several trained nurses, is prepare to cater to critical medical cases arising out of the community and elsewhere on a 24-hour basic.

Mr. Vezzely further discloses that the government-owned Redemption Hospital in the borough cannot cater to all medical cases taken there, because of the size of its facilities, so there should be other health center to buttress its effort.

He calls on residents of New Kru Town and surrounding communities to take advantage of the center by raking their sick relatives there for medication attention and good services.

By Emmanuel Mondaye

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