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New Kru Town Stadium stinks with feces

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The D. Twe High School Sports Stadium in the Municipal Borough of New Kru Town, suburb of Monrovia is being used by residents as toilet. Huge feces have overwhelmed the sports stadium, oozing unpleasant smell over the environment, and posing potential health hazard. Our reporter who visited the borough reveals that unscrupulous individuals use beneath the stadium to ease themselves with no regard to environmental threats.

Some of the feces have been there for a protracted period, while others are very fresh human waste. Students using the route to the D. Twe High School campus from the direction of the government-run Redemption Hospital are constrained to walk faster to avoid the oozing odor.

Prior to the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic in Liberia, the school had security officers who were usually seen at the campus entrance, monitoring movement of people, but presently there are no security officers posted at the entry thereby, creating free passage for unscrupulous residents to abuse the environment.

There are indications that the stadium has been abandoned because of its deplorable roof, which needs repair. Zincs covering the facility are completely damaged, leaving pot holes.

Some residents near the stadium, including Eddie Koon Wleh expressed serious apprehension over attitude of some individuals, who use the stadium as latrine, endangering inhabitants.

Eddie confirmed that people have been seen entering the premises under cover of darkness to ease themselves with impunity, noting that the feces is causing serious pollution to the environment.

He recalled that similar thing happened when unscrupulous persons were in the constant habit of using the back of the Redemption Hospital to throw garbage and human feces, but they were stopped later after inhabitants blocked the road used to get to the rear of the hospital.

He called on authorities of the Liberia Football Association (LFA) and the leadership of the New Kru Town Sports Association that control the Second and Third division football leagues to immediately do something about the stadium.

When this paper contacted football authorities in the borough about the prevailing feces at the stadium, a caretaker who preferred to be anonymous, said those responsible to protect the facility are not taking their job seriously.

By Emmanuel Mondaye–Editing by Jonathan Browne

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