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New Police Chief Promises Reform

Police Inspector General-designate Gregory Coleman has committed his incoming leadership at the Liberia National Police or LNP to seeking the welfare of police officers and instituting high degree of discipline among the men and women in the police.

New Police Chief

Appearing before the Liberian Senate on 21 September for confirmation hearing alongside his deputy for operations designate, Col. Abraham Kromah, Col. Coleman said while the police morale is low, he would focus on raising the level of discipline within the LNP.

He said while “we have” morale problem, discipline must be strengthened, indicating to the Liberian Senate’s National Security Committee on Defense, Intelligence and Veterans Affairs Wednesday that when confirmed, one of his foremost priorities will be to address officers’ welfare and change their outlook in the field.

Col. Coleman, when confirmed, will succeed Director Chris C. Massaquoi with whom he and Col. Kromah both worked for years. Mr. Col. Coleman made reference to the lack of uniforms for police officers, saying the Police have a pivotal role to play in the country’s transition, and as such, their moral and outlook were important to win the confidence of the public.

Commenting on the reduction of crimes in the Liberian society, the Inspector General-designate asserted that the issue would be addressed in an urgent manner as the security of the nation and its people could not be compromised. 

An LNP release issued in Monrovia by the t he police said Col. Coleman stressed that in his first hundred days in office, the public will witness a massive presence of police visibility in various communities beginning with Monrovia and its environs, adding that community policing will help to reduce the level of crimes perpetrated by criminals.

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He assured the hearing committee that engagements with the public were significant in the fight against crimes, noting that the people’s involvement in helping the police to reduce crimes matters. At the same time, the incoming Director of Police has informed members of the National Legislature of his willingness, if confirmed, to engage that august body on matters concerning the police. Coleman said when confirmed he would remain in touch with the Legislature on issues confronting the police on periodic bases.

Deputy Director of Police for Operations, Col. Abraham Kromah, said his return to the police was all intended to serve the country and its people, pledging his commitment and service to country. He added that as operational Chief-designate, his primary responsibility will be to institute discipline among the men, warning of drastic actions against any police officers who undermines the true meaning of professional policing.

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