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There is a New Song ‘n Dance, call it the Paradigm Shift from conventional to unconventional approach or method of seeking, acquiring and ratification of external financing – Loans, etc.- for national, socio-economic and political development.

According to the vibes from the new Weah Government, a government dominated and controlled by civil war and economic crimes suspects, loyalists appointed by former President Mrs. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, the paradigm shift is occasioned by the failure of the proceeds from the conventional, external loans to finance infrastructure development, but ended right back to the conventional financiers – the IMF, WB, ADB and offshore salaries of their in-country advisors, etc., etc.

This includes massive corrupt leakages into the private pockets of the very same, present Liberian government officials in the form of overnight, rags-to-riches, mansions, hotels and related private business ventures, foreign health trips all at public expense; top-of-the-line automobiles, gasoline, electric generator and mobile phone scratch cards allowances with over-paid monthly salaries.

These government officials believe and hold that this time around, the proceeds from the unconventional, external financing with 4g instant ratifications and sizable leakages beneficial to the government officials will reach the Liberian people in the form of roads construction, agriculture, healthcare, education, etc., etc. But . . .

We wonder, seriously, where is the Change – Reforms and Improvements – in the lives of the Liberian people, especially, with the same such individuals as the “politically-connected Lawyer” indicted for demanding/receiving/dishing out bribes, Cllr. Senator Varney Sherman, legal counsel to LISCR; convicted, disbarred for embezzlement and “politically-connected Lawyer”, Cllr. Representative J. Fonati Koffa; Field Marshall, General of the INPFL who executed several innocent citizens without trial, now Senator Prince Y. Johnson; and many, many other civil war generals and economic crime suspects as General Charles Bright, etc., with the same mind-set ordained to massive corruption and disloyalty to the Nation and people, NOW Calling the shots!!

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