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Ngafuah provides image building strategies

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Former Foreign Minister Augustine KpeheNgafuah has called on members of the House of Representatives to take steps towards healing wounds of the ugly past.He enjoined House Speaker J. Emmanuel Nuquay and members of the new Leadership to bring on board colleagues, who are not in leadership rather than marginalizing them.

Speaking at a three-day retreat organized by members of the House of Representatives in Ganta, Nimba County from November 2-4 , Ganta , Ngafuan reminded the Lawmakers the Legislature being a separate and independent body, should not appear an obstructionist branch, but cannot afford to appear like a spineless branch .

“Do not say No to the Executive when you know Yes is the best interest of the Country”, he cautioned. Besides representing every interest and shade of opinion, the legislature acts as the national forum for expressing public opinions, public grievances and public aspirations. Parliamentary debates and discussions throw a flood light over various issues of public importance.

Flouting the laws blinds image, while upholding the laws builds image, he pointed out in his hour-long presentation.  On building a positive image of the House of Representatives, he suggested Lawmakers should make sure to do introspective and reflective analysis of how they fare with respect to the fulfillment of each function of the Legislature.

He encouraged them to do analysis of how they think the public rates them on each dimension that relates to the mandate and compare that with where they think members fare. The presidential aspirant further admonished members of the House to take actions that reduce the gap between what members think they are doing and what the public thinks is happening.

Ngafuan, currently political leader of the Victory for Change Party or VCP, called on lawmakers to recruit and train staffs and build website and social media pages towards image building. 

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