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Nigerian charged with sodomizing boy 10

A Nigerian national dealing in auto parts in Clara Town is facing charges of rape and sodomy for allegedly sodomizing repeatedly a 10 – year – old Liberian school boy that lives in the same vicinity with the accused.

The narrative from the kid, his parents and teacher is that the survivor often attends to his alleged predator Mike Ajana’s call either to go and buy items for the accused, like scratch cards or to get garbage from his room.

The victim’s parents Prescilia Golafalley, and father Jackson Kollie are often out to look for the family’s daily bread, and during this time, the victim usually stays home alone after school and is often seen playing with friends in the community.

His alleged predator is said to take advantage of this opportunity to carry on the alleged act of sodomizing the kid.The Nigerian national, Mike would allegedly call the survivor into his room, force him into painful sexual intercourse, the victim and parents said.

When they are into the alleged act, the victim says Mike would position a cup under his (victim’s) buttocks and collect the oozing fresh blood for whatever reason known to the accused.

Speaking with the NewDawn on Saturday, 8 December, the victim said he was playing football on a Saturday in August when Mike Ajana came from work and called him, telling the victim to go and throw away some dirt.

The little boy explains that when he attended to Mike’s call and entered the hallway, Mike allegedly pushed him into his room and forced him on the bed.

He says the accused ordered him to take off his clothes, while the suspect also undressed. That was the day the victim says he was first sodomized by Mike Ajana.

According to the victim’s medical report dated 5 December 2018, there were “multiple fresh tears seen” at his buttocks (butt) and it describes his abdomen (stomach) as “soft and flat.” It says the survivor was depressed.

According to the victim, he was sodomized on three separate occasions by Mike Ajana. He says each time he was being abused, the suspect would bend him over, put pillar to his neck and cloth to his mouth and insert his penis into the victim’s anus.

The victim says when Mike inserted his penis into his anus, blood oozed from there, and the suspect would bring a “green cup” and put the blood into it before wiping the victim’s butt with tissue.The victim says the suspect would give him as little as LD$50.00 after being sodomized on some occasions.

He continues to face problem when walking, but at least his parents are now attending to him medically at the Redemption Hospital since his teachers took him there on Wednesday, 5 December.

His case was uncovered when the victim confessed to his teacher Madam Rebecca M. Tarplah, a Dean of Students at the Living Hope School System in Clara Town. Madam Tarplah has been very curious about the kid’s strange way of walking for before get him to confide in him.

Madam Tarplah says after taking test for the second marking period on Wednesday, 5 December, the victim was coming outside when a teacher observed him walking strangely.

“That’s how the other man said oh, that pekin we asked him, he said that Nigerian man knocked broom stake on his foot,” she explains.

She says the victim finally confessed that one “Uncle Mike,” a next door neighbor did something to him through his anus.Suspect Milke denies the allegation when asked for comment.

But the mother Priscila and the father Jackson have both testified to the alleged case and confirmed the boy’s statement.“The Dean of Students [didn’t] tell me that they were bringing him to the station,” says Priscila, adding that they were sent to Redemption Hospital in New Kru Town later and the medical test was done.

Her fear is that the family doesn’t have money, and the suspect and his supporters could bribe their way out of the case if government doesn’t pay attention.Mike is an auto part dealer at the Clara Town Gas Station on Bushrod Island, where many of his Nigerian colleagues are also doing similar business.

Priscila pleads with government to look into this case thoroughly because her son has been damaged.The victim’s father Jackson says he was brutalized by the suspect’s friend because police had gone to search the suspect’s house for materials listed by the victim.

Police Spokesman Moses Carter confirmed the act, saying police have charged suspect Mike with sodomy and rape.The suspect was due in court on Monday, 10 December.

By Winston W. Parley

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