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Nigerian customs delegation ends study visit here

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A delegation from the Nigeria Customs Service, Customs Command and Staff College (NCCSC) comprising of senior students and lecturers recently concluded a week-long study tour in Liberia.

According to LRA release, the delegation was in the country as guest of the Customs Department of the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) and the visit was aimed at conducting a strategic study tour by students of Senior Course 4 of the Nigeria Customs Command and Staff College.

The strategic study tour highlighted the assessment of programs and activities of the LRA Customs Department in “Sustaining Customs Operations under the COVID-19 Environment”, information and experience sharing about customs administration including approach mechanisms relative to customs operations.

Speaking during an interactive engagement with members of the Nigeria Customs Service delega-tion, LRA Commissioner of Customs SaaSaamoi applauded the Nigerians for selecting LRA Cus-toms as one of their destinations for the study tour.

He described the (NCCSC) delegation’s visit as a vital move in fostering a customs to customs rela-tionship which is a step forward in enhancing regional collaboration and coordination, and partner-ing to ensure trade facilitation and customs operations.

For his part, the head of the Nigeria Customs Service delegation Navy Captain (NC) Abdulraheen-SikiruOnipe said, the student study tour to Liberia was in fulfillment of the institution’s course guide and also an adventure to connect the students with other customs administrations in a bid to gain outside experience and knowledge sharing.

He lauded the LRA for promoting a spirit of strong collaboration which he said demonstrates a sense of networking between the two institutions.

The tour was characterized by discussions with key stakeholders and site visitations to several insti-tutions, including the office of the ECOWAS Ambassador to Liberia, the Nigerian Embassy, Free-port of Monrovia, AMP Terminals and the Chambers of Commerce, among others. Press Release

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