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Nimba: Several Arrested with Marijuana

The Drug Enforcement Agency in Nimba County has arrested several persons in possession of marijuana. According to the Chief of Operation of DEA in Nimba Capt. William Farnyen, those arrested had been sent to court for trial.

He said the DEA on the 2nd of February this year arrested a 35-year old man identified as Odesco Korgar with 12 kg of marijuana worth L$ 35,000 while en-route to Monrovia from Bahn.

“On the same date, another person identified as Joseph Gbarglah was picked-up while on his way to Monrovia  from Ganta with 15 kilograms of marijuana worth about L$ 45,000,” he added.

He further explained that few days later a 25-year old female identified as Teta Davis was arrested with 16kg of marijuana heading to Monrovia from Bahn. He put the total cost of the Marijuana arrested from the lady at about L$ 48,000.  “All these people were charged for illegal possession of marijuana and sent to the Ganta Magisterial court for trial,” he maintained.

“We are waiting for the court disposition,” he asserted.

There had been more arrests of people in possession of marijuana by the Drug Enforcement Agency but what becomes of the case when it goes to court is yet to be established.

Some years ago, marijuana worth over L$ million mysteriously turned into banana leaves under the police custody in Sanniquellie. Nothing has been heard of this case since a board of inquiry was set up by the County Attorney to probe into the incident. The citizens are complaining that the government is not doing enough to combat drugs trafficking in the country.

“What becomes of this drug law in the house?” a lady standing at the police station quizzed rhetorically. .

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“If nobody is sentence for being in possession of drug in this country, the production will still continue to go on,” she added.

“Once the crime surrounding drugs is billable, people will continue to trade in it and the court will continue to bill because it is money making,” she maintained.

The DEA always complained that whenever people are send to court for being in possession of marijuana after some time, they see the suspects going about his/her normal duty boosting.

“We have not received any disposition from the court since we began sending drug cases to court,” Capt. William G. Farnyen, operation of the DEA explained.

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