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Nimba Superintendent abandons office?

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Nimba County administration are said to be in disarray amid report that Superintendent Dorr Cooper has allegedly abandoned office to prepare for the next senatorial election in 2020.Superintendent Cooper has openly told Nimbaians residing in the mining enclave Yekepa that he will vie in the pending senatorial race in 2020.

In the last two months, the Superintendent has been conspicuously absent from office, raising public concern in Nimba.But Dorr Cooper may not be only person dreaming for senatorial seat in the county. Several other Nimbaians have similarly expressed interest to contest in the senatorial election, and have begun holding series of secret meetings to build consensus among the local population one year ahead of such poll.

Among them are former Superintendent and two times defeated senatorial candidate Edith Gongloe-Ware, Superintendent Dorr Cooper and Tiaa Wongbay of from the opposition Alternative National Congress or ANC, all gearing up to unseat incumbent Senator Thomas Grupee.

Some staff from Superintendent Cooper’s office who asked for anonymity, expressed disappointment that their boss has abandoned office for so long, while they continue to work without pay.

They lament that due to his prolonged absence, their salary checks are yet to be signed to enable them receive their monthly pay.The New Dawn Nimba Correspondent, who visited the Superintendent office in Sanniquellie City, was told that Cooper was not in office.

When asked about his whereabouts, this paper was informed that he is out of Sanniquellie. Staff in the office were unable to say how soon Superintendent Cooper would return after spending two nights in the provincial city to verify this report.Recently, he disbursed about 600,000 Liberian Dollars among women and youth groups, including students and others.

By Thomas Domah/Nimba-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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