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Nimba Women Groups commit to supporting Cummings

A combination of women groups with membership of over 6,000 in Tappita, Nimba County, has pledged support to the Presidential bid of Mr. Alexander Cummings, Standard Bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP).

The Women groups, including Tappiata District Widow Association, Agriculture Women, Disabled Women, Village Saving Loans, Marketing Association, Tappiata Women Movement, Young Girls Association, and Cookshop Women, held a special encounter with the Standard Bearer in Tappita on Thursday, March 2.

Spokespersons for the various women groups lamented the difficult economic challenges and suffering, especially the elderly, are enduring and the need for change that will better their lives. 

Cummings and wife posed with Nimba WOmen

The Agriculture women said after nearly 12 months of farming, getting their products to market or finding buyers, pose difficult challenges, to the extent that most of their products are left to spoil.

The Tappita District Widows and Disabled Women complained of extreme suffering and poverty. They lamented that they have suffered years of neglect and are only surviving at the mercy of God.

The women spoke of their strong desires for changes in their agonizing conditions and view the CPP Standard Bearer, Mr. Cummings, as the best alternative for national leadership in Liberia.

In separate statements, the women promised to mobilize women in their various sectors of control for the election of Mr. Cummings as the next President of Liberia come October 10.

Cummings, accompanied by the CPP National Campaign Chairman Lewis Brown and CPP National Chairman Musah Bility arrived in Nimba County on a four-day visit to several towns and cities rallying support and urging citizens to register and vote in the pending General and Presidential Elections slated for October 10 this year.

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The team has held several town hall meetings, met and held discussions with several interest and civil society groups as well as held consultations with key political actors in Sokopa, Gbahn, Ganta, Saclepea, Zoulay, Tappiata and Gbi Camp One Township in Nimba County.

Several other political associations, interest groups, District and County officials and key political actors have paid courtesy visits to the CPP Standard Bearer in Tappita, Nimba County, with promise of support to his Presidential bid.

Mr. Cummings, accompanied by his wife Teresa, expressed gratitude to the women groups for their pledges of support to his Presidential bid.

He urged the women to encourage all their followers, supporters, friends and family members to register during the Voters Registration exercise which kicks off on March 20.

Cummings said with the massive support of the women and other Liberians desirous of change, he will work hard, upon assuming the Presidency to alleviate the massive suffering and extreme poverty.

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