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Nimbaians battle over VP Boakai

Two Nimbaians have been at each other throats over the credibility of Vice President Joseph N Boakai, the 2017 Presidential candidate of the ruling Unity Party.

Nimbaians battle

One, a former Superintendent of Nimba County Madam Edith Gongloe Wehyee has accused Vice President Joseph Boakai of poorly managing the education and agriculture sectors of the country.

Speaking on Radio Sehnwai Magazine Program’ ’Nimba Today’’ on Friday September Madam Wehyee alleged that VP Boakai was instructed by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to supervise the activities of the Agriculture and Education Ministries; two sectors she noted have performed poorly under the Sirleaf’s regime, due largely to VP Boakai’s failure.

According to Madam Wehyee, the country’s Economy and Educational sectors continuous to endlessly break down because of Vice President’s poor supervision at the entities. The Nimba County Former Superintendent maintained that Liberians today are starving ever than before because the Agriculture Ministry still providing limited ancient tools such as cutlasses, holes to farmers rather than providing tractors.

She further alleged that VP Boakai also play a poor supervisory role over the US 30Million agriculture investment from the Libya Government during the administration of the Late Col. Mohammad Kaddafi to the government of Liberia in Foyah, Lofa County.
But reacting to the allegations of Madam Gongloe Wehyee, Nimba County Superintendent Fong G. Zuaglay described the statements as misinformation, adding that the reports are mere

ampaign message.
Superintendent Zuaglay said as Nimba governor, he needs not to commit to such statement but due to the gravity of the deceptive information provided by the county’s former Superintendent; clarification was the right direction.
Zuaglay maintained that at no time VP Boakai supervised the Agriculture and the Education Ministries as Madam Wehyee claimed.
‘’It is unconstitutional for the Vice President to supervise ministries’’ he added.
Zuaglay told the people of the county that Vice President is the head of the Senate not ministries and as such Edith declaration is far from the truth.

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