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Nimbaians Demand Gift Back From Ellen

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What appears at that time as real celebrations followed by presentation of gift to President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf in 2008, in Nimba County, has turned to vinegar. The people of Nimba County, particularly of Lorplay Town, Boe-quilla Administrative District, want President Sirleaf to return a gift given to her.

The citizens of the area presented a big and healthy cow to President Sirleaf during her first visit to that part of the country, when she promised to construct a damaged bridge there.

The citizens through their spokesman, Patrick Nuahn, in 2008, appealed to the President to benevolently construct their damaged Billy Bridge over the Warye River for smooth transportation of goods and safety of the community dwellers.

The ceremony, which was organized by Representative Edwin Gaye in collaboration with Gosehtar Development Association, brought together hundreds of citizens of that district, dressed in their respective traditional garments and mask with dances and songs of praises on President Johnson Sirleaf who they said was coming to their aide.

But that joy of having a Billy Bridge is yet to be realized.

Expressing their frustrations over the protracted delay of the Billy Bridge’s construction by the Unity Party led government; Chief John Karyeah said that their son and now lawmaker Edwin Gaye betrayed the citizens of Boe-Quila district by committing himself.

“Here we are today, no bridge, our women are still giving birth in the bushes, along road side, our corps cannot reach Ganta or Monrovia because means to transport them are not available, so we think, since they have betrayed us in the process, let Gaye tell the president to return our gift, that’s all”, he said.

Speaking during one of the programs marking the County tour of Nimba County Senior Senator Prince Johnson, Chief Karyeah emphasized that it is degrading for sitting leaders to lie to their citizens. “They may forget soon about their promises but they will soon start running to us again”, he enthused.

For him it is unlikely that the bridge will be constructed during the administration of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, noting that the remaining months are strictly for political campaign.

Reacting to the statement of Chief Karyeah, the Chairman of Gosehtar Development Association, Patrick Nuahn, said that it is unthinkable that his people can make such statement. He admitted that the project has been nearly forgotten, “but this should in no way give them the authority to make an embarrassing statement”, he said.

When contacted, according to our reporter, Representative Gaye also admitted that such ceremony to place, adding that the entire statement from the Chief has come as an embarrassment to them. He, however, declined further comment on demands being made by the citizens for the return of the gift.

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