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Nimbaians petition Whapoe for presidency

By Lincoln G. Peters 

Residents of Nimba County in Loelay, Gbehlay District #3 have petitioned Vision of Liberia Transformation Party (VOLT) political leader Dr. Jeremiah Z. Whapoe to contest for Liberia’s presidency in the 2023 general and presidential elections.

The grand ceremony took place on Sunday, 12 December 2021 in Loelay Town and brought together several residents and prominent officials of the county including the youths, elders and women, among others.

Receiving the petition, Dr. Whapoe thanked the residents for petitioning him, saying what they did had demonstrated that the vote – Rich County is ready for leadership.

According to Dr. Whapoe, he is not surprised at the warm welcome and petitioning ceremony because Nimbaians are the ones that make presidents.

He explained that he is going to change the country through agriculture, particularly through rice production and merchandised farming to make all parents and children have something for self-sustenance.

“I’m going to change this country through rice production for all Liberians to have access to self-dependence. To admit, I hate robber production because it takes a longer time to grow, and … besides, it doesn’t have money in Liberia,” said Dr. Whapoe. 

He observed that when Liberian farmers struggle for seven years to produce robber, it ends up being sold to foreigners for less amount of money.

Dr. Whapoe lamented that when foreigners import rice, Liberia’s staple food, they sell it at a very high cost and take back the little money they have paid for the robber they bought from Liberian farmers.

“If we all can join this agricultural revolution that is intended to emancipate Liberians from poverty, I can assure you that within the next three years of my administration as president of Liberia, Liberia will be liberated from poverty to food sustainability,” said Dr. Whapoe.

“I have little and we are having farms everywhere that you all know of, therefore, this is evidence that we can make it when I become president,” he continued.

Dr. Whapoe called on the people to remain steadfast in their quest for better leadership for Liberia, adding that they have the choice to remain committed to him and he will not disappoint them.

Presenting the petition statement earlier, the Town Chief of Loelay Town, Gbehlay District, Mr. Charles Leo, said that they are very excited and grateful to have Dr. Whapoe as their son accepting the petition to contest for the high seat.

“You have continued to be good to us through your visit and intervention. You are the only person who has been with us. We decided to petition you today because we believe you can make the change we want,” Mr. Leo said.

He also urged Dr. Whapoe to see the petition as a representation of the people’s commitment and love for him.

He concluded by appealing to Dr. Whapoe for his intervention and support for the completion of their town hall which was allegedly abandoned by their representative for reasons best known to him.

Also speaking on behalf of the women, Madam Esther Gonpue said they are excited to have Dr. Whapoe in the race, but cautioned that he should maintain the good working relationship he has with them.

“My son, we the women of this district are excited to see you in our town for the second time. Your presence has brought hope to us because nobody has time for us here,” she said. 

“You spent the entire night with us here and we all had a good time outside last night. We will support you to the end that is why we petitioned you. But please be checking on us,” Madam Gonpue explained.

She called on Dr. Whapoe and his team to continue to support them as women, adding that they are prepared and ready to engage in agricultural activities to enable them to provide for their families.

In further remarks, the head of the youth of Loelay Town called on Dr. Whapoe and his team to initiate a program and policy for the youth.

They acknowledged that his agenda also seeks to provide educational training and opportunity for youth in the country, but noted that there are no programs and opportunities for youth in rural Nimba.

They blame their lawmakers and other authorities for allegedly refusing to provide the avenue for them to explore their dreams and aspirations.https://thenewdawnliberia.com/whapoe-proposes-an-agricultural-revolution/–Edited by Winston W. Parley


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