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-Mills Jones vows to halt selfish laws
Ex-Bank Governor and political leader of the opposition Movement for Economic Empowerment or MOVEE, Dr. J. Mills Jones has vowed that if elected President, comes 2017, there will be no “4G Legislature” under his administration that will enact selfish laws.

Speaking in an angry tone over the weekend, Dr. Jones said enough is enough, saying for too long Liberia has faced many difficulties and challenges at the hands of greedy and corrupt officials, who continue to exploit the country’s resources at the detriment of ordinary citizens.

He said there will be no “4G concession agreement” under his presidency, because such practices have the propensity of destroying and subjecting Liberia to complete poverty and backwardness. “We need to stand firm against those that see this act as an enjoyable thing, and hold their feet up to the fire that when the time comes to ask them, what did you do at the time you were there”, he added.
Addressing thousands of supporters and sympathizers on Saturday July 9, 2016 in Paynesville outside Monrovia at the dedication of the party’s Montserrado County branch, the presidential hopeful noted, “Looking at the faces here today, I see the face of hope that our people want change, and the hope is what we all want for the Liberian people; I can’t not find hope for you, it is you that will make a decision that will bring hope that you deserve.”

He said if only Liberians work together to bring changes they are yearning for, then the choice is theirs to make that decision at the ballot box in 2017 whether to carry on continuity or get change and transformation.

“But all I can say to you today is that MOVEE is not a dust political party, but rather it is a mass movement of hope for every Liberian citizen, who in in desperate need of change, and transformation. We will not be like those who make empty promises, we will be a party of action, and that action must come with good sense of decision-making for the betterment of everybody.”

Dr. Mills, currently fighting a code of conduct from the Executive and enacted by the 53rd Legislature that requires public officials desirous of assuming elective posts to resign two years prior to elections, said the Liberian people are tire of old faction way of doing things, saying one thing over and again without any action.

The law could effectively bar him from pursuing his dream for the Presidency as he just resigned early this year as Executive Governor of the Central Bank of Liberia, barely a year to elections. But he has vowed that his name will be included on the ballot box as a candidate for 2017.

Dr. Jones noted that at the beginning of the current administration, there were many promises, but asked, “Where are those things that they talked about? They have fallen short in all of their promises.” He said Liberians were tired of having resources and being poor in their own country, while foreigners dominate their economy, stressing “This is something that must be stopped, and the only, and best way to put stop to this is to make a vital decision that will bring change and transformation.”

By Lewis S. Teh

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