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No devil or man can change Liberia

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The National Christian Taskforce of Liberia, a religious body says no matter what happens, the identity of Liberia will not be changed to another identity, except the Government decides to do so thru the Constitution.

Addressing reporters Thursday, July 14, at a news conference hosted at the Winners Chapel in Oldest Congo Town, the director of the National Christian Taskforce of Liberia Pastor David G. Benitoe said no devil or man has the ability to alter the historical foundation of Liberia, because it was established as a Christian nation.

“If we were to go for referendum today, me and all these people will vote that Liberia is a Christian nation; the only thing that is needed is for us to work together and make it real. In other countries, places of worship are being shut down due to Christians or Muslims argument, but we are not doing that, and we have no intention of doing such, because any attempt to get involved with that attitude, it will send a negative image”, he said.

Pastor Benitoe said against this backdrop, the taskforce has announced three days fast and prayer for Liberia, adding that the objective of the fast and prayer is to seek divine intervention from God as the country goes towards Presidential and Representatives Elections in 2017.

According to him, a word came from God for the nation to go thru prayers, for wickedness seems to be on an increase, saying “We as prayer people the vision keeps coming that there is need to pray for this nation, and we are not going to sit and watch another problem enters this nation before thinking about fast and praying.”

He said the exercise will commence on July 28 to 30th where each ministry will fast at its own edifice, climaxing it with evening praise service during the two days. He added the closing service in Monrovia will be held at the Christian Evangelical Pentecostal Church headed by Rev. Christian Dakadu, bringing together various participating churches in Monrovia and its environs.

Meanwhile, Pastor Benitoe has indicated that the taskforce will launch a Citizens’ Empowerment Summit next Thursday, July 21, 2016 at the Bethel Cathedral of Hope in Oldest Congo Town on the theme, “The Church and Politics.”

According to him, the purpose of the summit is to empower or educate Liberians how to choose a good leader during the political process. He said the summit will discuss the role of the Church in national governance, saying “We want to educate our people how they will go about selecting their leaders; it is not our job to tell people vote for this person or that person, but what we are trying to do here is to provide education on how they will choose a good leader for this country, because we saw here in 2005, where people who were running ghettos were elected as Senators, and Representatives. We don’t want any repeat of such thing.”

By Lewis S. Teh-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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