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No Ebola cases at JFK Hospital

The Management of the JFK Medical Center terms as irresponsible, regrettable, and terrible, unfounded rumors being circulated here in the public and on Facebook of a confirmed Ebola patient at the JFK Medical Center in Monrovia.

The rumors and subsequent clarification followed recent report of the discovery of a new strain of Ebola virus in the northern Sierra Leone identified as ‘Bombali virus’ found in fruits eating bats. It has potential to infect human beings, according to researchers.

But in a press release, the JFK Management clarifies at no recent time has the hospital received and or diagnosed any suspected cases of Ebola Virus Disease as it is being rumored.

“This is indeed Fake news geared to instill fear and distrust in our facilities. We are incredibly saddened by such damaging propaganda towards the healthcare delivery center”, the release reads.

It notes that recent relocation of patients to the newly renovated Emergency room facilities is due to creation of bed spaces secondary to recent renovation of the Emergency Room as indicated in the hospital’s 150-day deliverable projects.

The Management reassures the public that efforts to make JFK the Hospital of Choice remain unhindered and irresistible, as it continues upgrade of facilities and recruitment of Specialists to help in providing comprehensive healthcare to the public irrespective of status and affiliation.

Meanwhile, the JFK Management urges the public to verify whatever information it intends to publish or broadcast, as such information may not only damage the image of State-run Institutions but also create panic in the country.

It assures the public that any confirmed cases of Ebola at the Medical Center will be immediately communicated to the relevant authority, including management of such case and protection of patients at the Medical Center. Press Release

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