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No Election is Fair

Senegalese former Prime Minister, now head of the Electoral Institute for Sustainable Democracy in Africa or EISA, Dr. Amanita Toure says no election is fair where human action is involved.

Addressing reporters over the weekend in Monrovia on the October 10th elections Dr. Toure notes, “To my believe there is no perfect election in the world, not even in Senegal where I am from with the just ended legislative election, because this is human being, every time you human in action you have some flaws and the whole part as observers we are here to improve the process.”

According to her, election is always something that can be improved upon, but that doesn’t mean an election is fair or transparent, noting that when the counting process is fair and political parties participate and the NEC doesn’t take sides, such elections are bound to be fair.
She reminds that the electoral process belongs to the people of Liberia, and the role of international observers is to recall that the country have come a long way to organize these elections, and the new leadership will have to take up the task where the previous administration has left it to improve the situation.

Dr. Toure continues that EISA’s support to the process is to talk about flaws when they are identified even as minimum they can be, and find a solution, saying “but yet we acknowledge the tremendous work that the NEC has accomplished, at the opening all polling materials were there, we know that there could be a challenge in a country like Liberia, where communication is an issue that is something to be acknowledge.”

By Lewis S. Teh

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