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No excuse for underdevelopment

Rrural Liberia Saclepea NDA Liberian prelate, the Rev. Foday E. Karpeh has declared that no country, including Liberia, has an excuse for lack of development, as he cites divine principles to back his argument proffered at an intercessory service for Liberia’s 168th Independence Anniversary celebrations.

Delivering a sermon on Sunday, 26 July at the Barclayville City Hall in Grand Kru County, Rev. Karpeh said God Himself confirms that any group of people is capable of achieving their desire provided certain community imperatives are met.

With this Biblical trace of a kind of broader possibility God has granted man to develop, the ‘man of God’ argued that “no country has an excuse for not developing.”

Citing Genesis 11:6 in the Old Testament of the Holy Bible, Rev. Karpeh reminded his Independence Day Intercessory congregation, including President Ellen Johnson –Sirleaf, President Joseph Boakai, House Speaker Alex Tyler, as well as President pro Tempore ArmahJallah, among other government officials, diplomats and citizens, of God’s saying about humanity that “noting they purpose to do will be withheld from them,” urging the congregation to open up their hearts and move away from … the political ideology and step into the realm of patriotism and love for country. He informed the congregation that he had come to provoke somebody, but not for a political forum.

“I didn’t come to impress anybody with what I know; I came with a message and I want you open your heart – I want you to know that this is a message not just for you, but you and myself,” he said.

Ge averred that what develops nations is leadership, saying if celebrating the community is an incentive for accelerated development, then it naturally flows that leadership is the most important factor in achieving that goal, further underscoring that underdevelopment is not the cause of lack of resources and opportunities, but the lack of communities.

He warned that when people are excluded in nations, those nations go nowhere, noting that the challenge of national development is not development itself; rather, it is a challenge of unity.

“If we unite people, we built nations,” he said, adding “we celebrate our community” by giving the sense of oneness, because if there is lack of unity in any gathering – whether at the family or national level, nothing happens there.
“In the midst of a divided community, you can have oil flowing from the top of Mount Wologisi to Broad Street in Monrovia without achieving anything,” he indicated, reminding Liberians that more than that, humanity is different in gender, tribe, race religion and language, and therefore unity does not mean “uniformity,” neither does oneness mean sameness.”

Given all of these facts, the Liberian clergyman suggested that Liberians must accept their differences, as there will be no humanity if everybody were the same.

He further suggested the need to appreciate “our” differences, saying “we exchange strengths and weaknesses to complement what we have and compensate for what we don’t have.”

He also challenged Liberians to respect their differences, stressing that every person’s uniqueness is a consequence of a God’s given purpose.

However, he cautioned that leadership was key in achieving development and unity, because if presidents were what develop nations, Liberia would have been among the leading nations due to the fact that it has had more than 20 of them.

“If power could develop people, Liberians could have been among the most privileged people because we have had one party state, two party state, heads of state, presidents, and councils of states, democracy and even autocracy,” he stated.

Following the message, President Sirleaf said: “I know we all have been wonderfully blessed today,” hoping that when all leave from the Barclayville City, they leave with a sense of renewal, spiritual renewal, social renewal and national renewal.

“This, for me, is one of the best ‘26’ Celebrations we’ve had,” she declared, noting the fact that the this year’s Independence Day Celebration brought so many Liberian citizens from all works of lives to be a part of the celebrations.

She paid special homage to the people of Grand Kru County for the wonderful and rousing reception accorded all visitors –something which demonstrates that there can be unity in progress. By Winston W. Parley -Editing by George Barpeen

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