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No foul play

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No foul NDReport available to the New Dawn indicates that there was no foul play in the death of the two kids found dead in a parked vehicle on the compound of a Nigerian national off the Robertsfield Highway on Wednesday December 2, 2015.

The two kids, Alvin Moses 4, and Reuben Logan 7, were found barely 24 hours after they were reported missing on Tuesday morning, December 1, at around 10 A.M in a community opposite the Camp Bethesda Mission School off the Robertsfield Highway. Their bodies were discovered in a black Toyota Avalon parked among nine other broken-down vehicles in the compound of Mr. Ojuku Nmardi.

Police sources told this paper Sunday that Police Director Chris Massaquoi is expected to make this and several other security developments known at a press conference scheduled for today Monday December 7.

Angry residents upon the discovery of the lifeless bodies of the kids, screamed ritualistic killing alleging Mr. Nmardi in whose open compound the cars are parked as the perpetrator, thus setting ablaze his home and a vehicle, while destroying the windscreen of several others.

Though no body parts of the children were extracted as is done in most ritualistic killings here, except the peeling of some parts of the skins, which may have been caused by heat burns, this writer who saw the bodies can say, the residents nearly lynch Mr. Nmardi’s wife and house help to death, as the duo escaped for their dear lives.

Police said at least 75-80 of the perpetrators involve in setting ablaze the home and vehicle of Nmardi were arrested and are being screen. Our source said screening is expected to end Tuesday December 8. “Those found guilty of arson attack on the home of Mr. Nmardi will be sent to court on Tuesday,” our police source said.

Nmardi, popularly known as O.J., a mechanic by profession and an immediate neighbour to the parents of the two kids, had just left his home early Wednesday morning to drop his children off to school, when the bodies of the missing kids were discovered in one of his parked vehicles.

Just few facts:

-New Dawn arrived on the scene before the police reinforcement and forensic team could arrive on the crime scene.
-Most of the journalists arrived later and even after the bodies of the kids had taken away by the police homicide team.

-The home of Nmardi is just a few steps away from the home of little Alvin Moses’ parents.
-The bodies of the kids were discovered in the front seat of the vehicle not the trunk as reported in many quarters.
-The kids may have been trapped while playing in the vehicle
-Could Nmardi have committed the crime and placed the evidence of the crime on his own doorsteps?

“My children did not go anywhere,” said Victor Moses (no relations to English football club Chelsea loanee), the grieving father, as his wife Mrs. Moses wept uncontrollably. “The children were noticed missing in the afternoon,” he continued as he held back his tears.

By evening hours, fearing that they may have been kidnapped, Moses said he went to the local police station seeking permission to conduct a house to house search. But the local police authority in the community said they were not clothed with the authority to issue such order for the exercise.

However, they agreed that the community mobilized to block all entries and exists into the community and that all vehicles leaving the area be searched.

Nmardi, car was searched and allowed to leave the community the early morning hours of Wednesday before a boy between the ages of 14-15 discovered the bodies of the kids in the parked vehicle as he raised his hands up and raise his loud voice attracting other residents.

While the chaos and destructions were unfolding at his residence, Nmardi ran to the police to report the incident.

There is currently no suspect in the death of the kids, according to Police spokesperson Sam Collins, when he spoke to one of our reporters on Wednesday afternoon, the day of the incident.

The incident of finding kids dead bodies in parked cars is not new here. In early 2002, two kids were discovered dead in their parents vehicle on a Sunday during a worship service at the Congo Town Baptist Church. Also earlier this year, at a truck garage near the Double Bridge community in Gardnerville, two kids were similarly found dead in a parked car.

By Othello B. Garblah

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