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No, Madam President, It’s Not Absolute Nonsense — Part I

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A serious bow-and-arrow-shooting competition that occurred every year was about to take place between a man and a woman who believed that she could win her male counterpart with ease. During the competition, two target objects which were one hundred feet apart were positioned seventy-five feet away from the two competitors who were fifty feet apart.

Each competitor had to recruit supporters that help them find the arrows needed for the competition. Each person had to shoot at their target as many arrows as possible in one hour’s time. The person having more arrows than the other would be declared the winner. So each launched an aggressive campaign to obtain as many arrows as possible.

However, a day or two before the competition, some female supporters of the female competitor, fearing that the male competitor would be the winner, secretly took his arrows, which had already been collected and stored in a warehouse, and hid them to a secret place.

In short, the male competitor’s arrows were stolen by supporters of the female competitor. Up to date, no one knows exactly how many of those arrows were stolen in that manner. At the end of the day, the female competitor was declared the winner. The male competitor and his supporters complained that cheating and other malpractices occurred, but their claims were dismissed.

However, some time later, the supporters of the female contestant secretly went to her and confessed that during the competition, they stole her opponent’s arrows because, according to them, they reasoned that had they not done that, her opponent would have become the winner, and they didn’t want it so. When the female contestant heard this confession of dishonesty from her supporters, she kept it as a secret, telling the world nothing about it.

Her reason? Well, according to her, she decided to keep the information as a secret because she had plan to participate in the contest for the second time, and divulging the information to the public would have hurt her in a number of ways. Anyway, time came for the second competition. She and the same male opponent found themselves contesting again.

Arrows were sought by their respective supporters. Again, at the end of the day, the female competitor won. It is not known whether arrow stealing and hiding went on again, but some believed it did.

Anyway, a week after the second competition, the female contestant confessed in a meeting that during the first competition, her supporters stole arrows from her male opponent and hid them in order to prevent him from winning.

Her reason for revealing this dishonesty now? Well, according to her, she was doing so because she no longer had interest in competition.

In view of the revelation, some citizens, including some town criers and supporters of the male contestant, expressed their dissatisfaction over the statement and reiterated the claim that cheating went on during the contest.

Upon hearing this, the female contestant angrily described the allegation as “absolute nonsense.”

As you may already know, the scenario presented is based on what is believed to have occurred in our own political environment during the 2005 elections, with President Sirleaf recently admitting that some of her female supporters stole their children’s voting cards and hid them because they didn’t want Mr. George Weah to win.

But then when some started restating that they believe cheating went on during the elections, the President described their statement as “absolute nonsense,” aided by “irresponsible reporting.”

Madam President, this is where the Issues Desk becomes interested in that we do not believe that the claim is absolute nonsense, especially where you have publicly indicated that you are admitting that you have decided to reveal the dishonesty because you will not be running again.

Let’s hear it from your own words: “… I can say it now since I’m not running again … Knowing then that they had young sons who would all be the followers of one of the younger candidates, they took all their voter’s cards and stole it from them in the night to make sure they were not able to vote.”

Madam President, in the face of this criminal act aimed at depriving a group of people of their rights, how can you describe as “absolute nonsense” statement that cheating occurred during the 2005 elections? No, Madam President, it is not absolute nonsense.

If a person’s vote is their voice, and if it is true that your supporters stole and hid the votes of your opponent, then you have to realize that your supporters silenced those whose votes were stolen. No, Madam President, you cannot and should not describe as “absolute nonsense” people’s claim that cheating occurred during the 2005 elections.

No, Madam President, it is not absolute nonsense and should not be considered as such in that if a person’s vote is their right, and if it is true that your opponent’s supporters’ votes were stolen and hidden by your supporters, as you have confessed, then it means that their rights were violated, their rights were denied them.

No, Madam President, what has been said by your opponent and his supporters is not absolute nonsense, especially where you indicated that you are now confessing because you are not running again. Logically, it suggests to us that if you were running again, you would not have admitted this. This is absolute embarrassment! Absolute hypocrisy!

By the way, Madam President, we wonder what you told your supporters when they confessed their criminal act to you. Did you laugh and forget about it? Did you reprimand them? Did you report them to the requisite body for investigation, or did you protect them because they did it to protect your political interest?

In your desire to defend the act somehow, you said in your defense that the action of “a few women” did not have the weight to have changed the result. But, you see, Madam President, we do not trust you on this issue. You are not the right person to determine whether the number that was involved was significant or insignificant, or whether the cheating was major cheating or minor cheating.

Remember, also, Madam President, that it was only some of your female supporters who confessed their action to you. Have you thought about the number of other female supporters of yours who did the same, but did not confess to you? Moreover, be reminded that it is only some female supporters who made the confession. Have you considered the number of your male supporters who might have engaged in a similar act?

That your supporters went to that extent, it suggests that they recognized the fact that you would have been unable to win if they had not cheated your opponent on your behalf. They didn’t have confidence in your ability to win straight and, by logical extension; we could say that they reasoned that you would not be able to win without they cheating for you.

Frankly, Madam President, your revelation is welcome, but it presents a sad situation. It says a lot about what we have been through all these years and about the characters we find on our political stage.

Since you have already made this confession because, according to you, you are not running again, there is a second part you have to do: you need to apologize for what happened. Instead of describing people’s claim about cheating occurring as “absolute nonsense,” you need to apologize.

Instead of arguing that the number of people that were involved is insignificant, you need to apologize. Instead of saying that those who are talking about the cheating that they believe occurred are out of their mind, you need to apologize. You need to apologize even more for telling us that you are admitting now because you are not running again. How sad, Madam President!

To be continued…
Believe me, my people. We will never stop following the issues.

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