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No one is above the law

Grand Bassa County district#5 Representative Thomas Goshua differs with Speaker Bhofal Chambers on his recent declaration that the Legislature would not submit to investigation in the ongoing missing money probe, reminding the Speaker that no one is above the law.

Speaking on a local talk show Monday Rep. Goshua says if lawmakers were called for questioning by any group on the missing billions, they must submit themselves.The lawmaker notes that ordinary citizens are already being investigated and placed on travel ban therefore, anyone who commits crimes against the development of Liberia should also be investigated and be put on trial.

Addressing a news conference last week at the Capitol in Monrovia, Speaker Chambers said lawmakers would not submit to any investigative committee, not even the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation for interrogation in connection with the missing billions, preaching constitutional sovereignty.

“The people from the FBI know contemporary Democracy; they know contemporary constitution. They will never think of inviting the House of Representative for an investigation; doing so will be a failure on their part,” the Speaker argue, and maintained, “The House Representative is the fulcrum of democracy. Any other institution cannot invite this legislature; this legislature is under constitutional obligation to call anybody for questioning. The Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) told us there is no missing money so how the transaction and authorization was done in my view will be the point of investigation.”

The statement receives serious public criticism from even officials of government, who thought the Speaker spoke before thinking, a public reaction that forced the Speaker Office to issue a denial.
Rep. Goshua says the Speaker’s statement has caused serious embarrassment to members of the Legislature, and some of them will not sit and allow such dark cloud to hang over that august body.
He argues that Speaker Chambers as a person could not have spoken for plenary because it has the highest decision.

Deputy Speaker Prince Moye, who called in on the show, says he doesn’t think Speaker Chambers would be the one to shield any of his colleagues in the House when he (Chambers) was not in leadership when the printing of money was approved by that body.

Deputy Speaker Moye discloses that a communication was sent to the Chief Clark of the House of Representatives to report with all documents in her procession to the headquarters of the Liberian National Police to enable the Presidential Investigative Team have access to relevant information on the ongoing probe, but notes the approach or procedure was not right.

By Bridgett Milton–Editing by Jonathan Browne

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