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Special Feature

“No One Is More Grand Gedean ” – Dr. Barh

In his recent communications addressed to Members of the Grand Gedeh County Legislative Caucus, Professor, Dr. S. Benson Barh, prominent Senior, ethnic/tribal citizen of Grand Gedeh County, wrote that “No one (Grand Gedean) is more Grand Gedean than the other (Grand Gedean)”.

In light of the profound relevance of this thought at this critical point in the history of our County, we (also ethnic/tribal, senior citizens of the County) decided to offer our views on the subject.  Indeed, we are in agreement with and admit the truth of Dr. Barh’s wisdom, but only in terms of birth and ethnic/tribal origin, a naturally-endowed, equally-distributed gift of nature.

However, factoring into the same equation such critical variables as the free-will, socio-cultural spirituality, commitment/dedication, loyalty, allegiance and patriotism to one’s nation represented by “County”, we argue that some Grand Gedeans are, in fact, more “Grand Gedean” than  other Grand Gedeans. For example, the less-Grand Gedean “Grand Gedeans” are unfaithful, dishonest, liars, crooks and criminals, concerned, only, about themselves. Achieved some level of socio-economic and political power, local, in-county or national, they steal, plunder, loot the county to enrich themselves; they discriminate/segregate on the basis of socio-economic and sub-tribal ethnicity; they care not for the welfare of the people and county, caught in the cesspool of abject poverty, ignorance, hunger and decease.

Elsewhere, we observed (Grand Gedeh County Development Agenda, January 2014) that “Grand Gedeh County – home of the Late Paramount Chiefs and Legendary Leaders as Beddah Beh, Kpah Garley, Flahn Tofoeh, Gbayonoh Barwu, Blayee Jeddah, PC Bargblor, Shorow Toe, PC Zleh, etc., the socio-cultural and political icons whose vision, courage and dedication shaped the destiny of modern Grand Gedeh County, also ancestral home of the Krahn Nation and People – is at war with its self and breaking at the seams due to graft, greed, dishonesty (corruption), division, jealousy, rivalry, power-plays, abuse of power, incompetence, fear and withdrawal by, between and among some Grand Gedeans, some elected and appointed officials of the County . . .”.

Although these Grand Gedeans (the less Grand Gedeans) possess the academic and intellectual prowess and capability, but lack the commitment, perseverance, courage (“guts”) to present rational, peaceful challenge for change of the prevailing social order or status quo for fear of “losing it all”, dubbed as “trouble-makers who want to rock the boat” and ostracized socially, economically and politically.

Today, this day and now of the Ebola epidemic, Grand Gedeh County had been and continues to be profoundly isolated, apparent, occupied territory, but we have heard nothing from the “book doctors” only scrambling, in-fighting for the crumbs from the tables of the county High & Mighty, with poli-tricks, mango-mango and deedeebahs!!

Meanwhile, it had been the Grand Gedeh County’s “Grand Gedeans” who risked their lives, often arrested and jailed, from the final days of Dr. W. V. S. Tubman to the recent “jungle justice” of former President Charles Taylor, during which citizens of Grand Gedeh County were Liberia’s only “endangered Species”, simply, for articulating the wrongs of the social order and calling for peaceful transformation.

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