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No room for corrupt individuals

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-Wilmot Paye

Conservative Liberian politician and chairman of the newly established People’s Liberation Party Wilmot Paye, says the opposition environment is not a waiting room for corrupt individuals to regroup or conspire to unseat another group.

He argues that after all, there is no evidence in history that consummate tribalists and conventional politicians who reject truth and do not promote integrity but fear those who stand up against dishonesty within their own organizations have the spine to lead transformation in any society.

“You cannot give what you do not have. Integrity does [not] change its character or nature, no matter what. While it exposes the ills and evils done by others, it distances itself from that which is committed under its nose. No political party, alliance or coalition, however “good” the intentions may be, can present itself as a viable alternative if it fails and/or refuses to hold its own members and leaders accountable for their evil deeds and conduct,” Paye continues.

Speaking at the induction ceremony, he cautions that Liberians must never allow members of those he terms ‘self-seeking political class’ to intercept yet another opportunity to restore hope to the Liberian people.

According to him, patriotism, integrity, accountability and transparency are virtues that are the minimum standards that those in leadership at national, county, district, chiefdom, township, town, village and community levels must meet at all times and under all circumstances.

Paye notes that liberating Liberia would require fresh ideas, practical and predictable approaches to tackling the problems of corruption, nepotism, sectionalism and tribalism.

“I know that you are all tired of promises that do not match current attitude, conduct, action and character. The question is not whether one administration will end in 2023 with the election of another. Let the debate rather be about how different Liberia’s governance system will be after 2023. We must never settle for anything below this.”

The former Unity Party stalwart says when Liberia is liberated; the current monetary uncertainties will vanish, and the Central Bank of Liberia will cease from being a channel for looting donor and public funds, while commercial banks will be trusted, and depositors will use the banking system without the fear that they will be robbed.

“When we liberate Liberia, then Justices of the Supreme Court and Judges of subordinate courts will dispense justice without fear or favor. Then, Liberians will hope again, and their hope will have meaning. Yes, when we liberate Liberia, then political parties will cease from being vehicles through which the selfish agendas of thieves and their associates are promoted.”

He promised that the PLP will be run differently, with openness, with honesty, with respect, with truth, with total commitment, not just to participate in elections and afterwards sleep to wait for the next elections, adding, PLP value the people.

“If you are in a political party that has failed to live up to your expectations, wherein the leaders say one thing and does another; if your party has taken your allegiance for granted, focusing only on wrongs done by others while tolerating or justifying internal ills, come and make The People’s Liberation Party your home. We cannot and will not disappoint. In this Party, we reject the idea that poverty is a way of life for you. We are convinced that poverty is an artificial condition created by bad governance,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, the head of Liberia’s newest political party Dr. Daniel E. Cassell says, the PLP seeks to become the alternative political institution that would liberate Liberians from economic degradation, education paralysis, health immobility and agriculture decadence through inclusive and democratic participation of all citizens regardless of county, tribe or social status.

He made the promise here over the weekend while launching the PLP headquarters and inducting officers in office in Congo Town, outside Monrovia.

Those inducted include former Unity Party Chairman Wilmot Paye, National Chairman; Mr. Tapped E. Doe, National Vice Chair for Administration and Finance; Alphonso D. Bindah. National Vice Chair for Operation; Carlos Tingbah Edison, Secretary General; Stephen Vorkpor, Assistant Secretary for Press and Propaganda, Israel Mayou, Assistant Vice Chair for Recruitment, and Christina Christopher, Acting National Vice Chair for Administration and Women League, respectively.

“There are systematic challenges undermining the gains we have made as a nation; our economy is still struggling to get back on its feet, unemployment is a major challenge”; he says, and notes that as a result, companies are still laying off workers, while Liberians are still spectators in their own economy.

Until now, Dr. Cassell had been involved with various humanitarian programs in Liberia from his base in the United States of America where he has lived and worked for many years before coming to politics.

He says in response to the many challenges, the People’s Liberation Party, which was established and certificated in December 2020, has come to offer an alternative while lamenting the country’s education and health systems that are challenged by inadequate domestic resource allocation, limited qualified and trained workforce, and poor service delivery especially for our rural communities and the most vulnerable and physically challenged groups.

“I believe that we can all agree that for democracy to work in our society, every individual’s voice should matter, people in positions of public trust should be held accountable to work for the people and help develop the country.

We must endeavor to ensure that the marginalized, disenfranchised and poor of our society are not repeatedly victimized by the political elites and cunning political actors, or actresses whose sole aims are to gain government employment and to amass illegal wealth.”

He continues that the PLP core beliefs of diversity and inclusivity are based on a conviction that collectivism is the progressive path to move Liberia forward, and this is grounded in six political tenets:

Agriculture, Socio-economic, Education, Health and Wellbeing, Employment, and Infrastructure Developments, with emphasis on improving healthcare, roads, electricity, water and sewer, and human resource development without clearly detailing how he intends to achieve these services.

But Dr. Cassell is optimistic these five political tenets are key elements in dignifying the lives of the Liberian people and developing the country, pledging the PLP total commitment.

He observes that fear looms over Liberia about a potential public health situation in the wake of the outbreak of Ebola in neighboring Guinea and warns the Weah administration not to downplay the situation, adding, “We all know so well, the devastating effects Ebola had on our nation seven years ago. It is therefore in the best interest of public safety that the Government of Liberia acts swiftly and effectively by implementing measures to protect our citizens and the already fragile economy.” E. J. Nathaniel Daygbor & Lewis S. Teh–Editing by Jonathan Browne

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