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No space for tribal and divisive politics in Liberia

Ten candidates are currently campaigning for the Rivercess County Electoral District # 2 Representative By-Election, scheduled for next Tuesday, April 21 following a ‘go-ahead’ by the National Elections Commission or NEC last month.


Punctuating the process many may be describing as relatively peace and free of anti-democratic vices, was the sad and divisive intervention of the resurrected political leader of the opposition Liberty Party, Cllr. Charles Brumskine.

Under the guise of a recent campaign trail to market his party’s candidate in the ensuing Rivercess County by-election, Cllr. Brumskine, apparently overwhelmed by tribal sentiment, told his audience that it was time for the “Bassa people to produce a President for Liberia”.

Unfortunately, the resurrected Liberty Party Political Leader mounted the stage in Cestos City, deviating from the main purpose of his visit (to campaign for his Party man he had personally taken there) to preach tribal politics, telling the people of Rivercess that the Bassa people were tired of making other people President, and that it was time they elect one of their own (referring to himself) to the Liberian Presidency. 

But the people of Rivercess had not even digested Brumskine’s tribal politics when new comer Presidential hopeful Benoni Urey- a former Maritime Bureau Commissioner of Liberia and well-grounded business man, was in the Port City of Buchanan, Grand Bassa County, telling a church congregation to abandon deceit and hypocrisy, and demonstrate true love by liking a person not on the basis of tribe, but character and contributions to societal well-being.

No doubt, Cllr. Brumskine has begun shooting himself in the leg as his continuous comments and emphasis on tribal politics could not only be counter-productive, but very damaging to his Presidential dream that he has twice (2005 and 2011) never realized.

Unlike the Liberty Party Political Leader who may be so obsessed with tribal governance and ‘beating dumboy in Liberia’s Executive Mansion upon becoming President’, other politicians, including Mr. Urey- a new comer who’s desirous of the Liberian Presidency, are mainly focused on the unity of the Liberian people, the country’s economic resurrection and development.

Interestingly, Cllr. Brumskine exhibits deceit and hypocrisy in other parts of the country he visits, while being real to the people of Grand Bassa and Rivercess Counties by preaching tribal politics- a political behaviour the well-meaning people of Liberia may not accept in any term.

Though Brumskine may be politically ‘mature’ in politics as compare to others, including Businessman Benoni Urey, he may just be far behind them, in terms of the message to which the people of Liberia would want to listen- unity, economic progress and development.

Sincerely, if this is the political strategy with which Brumskine has returned after publicly resigning from politics, following the 2011 Presidential election, the Liberty Party may equally find someone else to compete with Urey and others to avoid the division of our beloved Liberia. 

Tribal politics has no space in Liberia’s emerging democracy.


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