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Nobody wants to kill President Weah

Opposition leader Alexander Cummings asks President George Manneh Weah to provide evidence about an alleged plot here to assassinate him.
Cummings, leader of the opposition Alternative National Congress, gave the challenge Tuesday, 19 February in Monrovia on live talk show, “50-50” hosted on Sky FM.He says President Weah needs people, who will tell him (President Weah) the truth to better handle the affairs of state.

He continues that the President also needs to focus on leading and governing, not only for his CDC partisans, but all Liberians.
According to him, members of the opposition are resolute in their demand for the President produce evidence on information about the alleged plot to assassinate him.

He reveals that in a recent statement, opposition parties requested President Weah and his party Chairman Mulbah Morlu to provide evidence, noting that the opposition will decide their next course of action if the President and his party Chairman failed to come up with the facts.

He terms the allegation as nonsense and regardless, adding that members of the opposition are waiting to see the government’s position on the matter.
The ANC leader, a formal presidential candidate from the 2017 elections, says opposition parties in the country have informed development partners about the allegation coming from the government.

Asked about his take on the running of the country, he says it is clear that President Weah is not running Liberia well, reminding that as opposition, it is their role to hold the Weah-led government accountable to the people by advancing suggestions and solutions that would help in addressing national issues.

He says it is also the responsibility opposition parties to call the government’s attention to the many issues that confront the people of Liberia.

Cummings stresses that the Constitution of Liberia calls for check and balance, and he is one person, who believes in the rule of law, which citizens should follow irrespective of status, adding these are reasons why opposition parties continue to mount pressure on members of the Legislature to adequately play their role by holding the government accountable in accordance with the law.He says contrary to President Weah’s assertion that the country is better than before, Liberia is currently worse off than before.

He challenges the government ask ordinary citizens in the streets whether their lives have improved or they are struggling to pay their children tuitions; house rents amid skyrocketing prices.

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Addressing a news conference recently at the ruling CDC headquarters in Congo Town, party chairman Mulbah Morlu, referring to a Facebook post, frowned on leaders of opposition political parties for what he termed their silence and not condemning alleged calls for the assassination of President George Weah.Morlu: “They have resulted to propaganda and scare tactics and they are now talking about assassination.”

He accused opposition leaders of being unpatriotic, saying “I have not heard one statement of condemnation against people calling for war which means that they have endorsed these statements. We are here and here to stay.”

The wide allegation led Montserrado District#10 Representative, Yekeh Y. Kolubah to write plenary, calling for the appearance of Chairman Morlu before plenary to substantiate his claims that members of the opposition are in support of the alleged assassination plot against President George Weah.
By Emmanuel Mondaye –Editing by Jonathan Browne

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