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Nonsensical, reckless

An executive member of the ruling Unity Party describes the recent joint statement read by the UP National Chairman Wilmot Paye as “nonsensical and reckless.”

River Gee County Senator, Conmany Wesseh says the statement read by Chairman Paye does not represent the party, and didn’t meet the approval of the national executive committee, which is the highest decision making body of the party.

Speaking to The NewDawn on Tuesday in his office at the Capitol Building, he notes that such statement should have been endorsed before releasing it to the public.

He says for the Unity Party is one the first top two political parties going for the November 7th Presidential Run-off election and at the same time identifying with another political party that is crying foul, shows lack of understanding to any reasonable person. He laments that the statement coming from the UP chairman is equated to shooting the party in the legs and is deliberate.

Chairman Paye along with the opposition Liberty Party and the All Liberian Party issued a joint statement here, accusing President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and the board of commissioners of the National Elections Commission headed by Chairman Jerome George Korkoya of manipulating the polls and therefore, have also lost public confidence.

But the Office of the President dismisses the allegations as completely baseless, and an unfortunate attempt by agent provocateurs to undermine Liberia’s democratic process

According to him, the NEC cannot conduct any free, fair and transparent presidential runoff election in the wake of increasing and disturbing reports of alleged massive fraud, adding that there has to be a credible process to ensure a credible outcome.

Speaking at a joint press conference at the Unity Party Headquarters on Sunday afternoon, October 29,which coincided with President Johnson Sirleaf’s 79th birthday, Paye continues, “We cannot accept why and how, even with total opposition from all political parties and key actors, the National Elections Commission allowed individuals whose names did not appear on the so-called Final Registration Roll (FRR) to vote. This idea was rejected right from the onset.”

But Senator Wesseh excerpts, “I think the statement is just nonsensical and reckless. Why support someone, who is dead already politically in the name of solidarities. What is the point, we are benefiting from the process being condemned by them and yet and still, yourself condemned the process.”

When quizzed whether formation of an interim government could be an option if there were to be a rerun of the presidential election, he says that would be totally impossible and nobody should even dream about that. He notes that the 1986 Constitution of Liberia does not carry anything that looks like interim government.

He stresses that governmental wise, every institution is active and functioning so in no way that someone would think about interim arraignment, calling on Liberians to come out next Tuesday, 7 November to participate in the Presidential run-off election.

By E. J. Nathaniel Daygbor-Editing by Jonathan Browne

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